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my favorite cookbooks 2020 everyday parisian

The year 2020 has had me in the kitchen more than any other year. I have been making breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home pretty much since March. I think we all did the banana bread trend and then the dutch oven bread, and even reached a cooking rut on what to make for dinner.

I started ordering cookbooks to help with dinner ideas. My two new favorites for dinner ideas are Half Baked Harvest and Ina’s Comfort Food.

modern comfort food

Modern Comfort came at perfect timing. Ina says she knew the US would in election mode when the book was released so comfort was her goal. She had no idea that we would be in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. There have been so many recipes I have enjoyed from this book. The lemon chicken with orzo has been a weekly staple.

half baked harvest cookbook

I was first introduced to Half Baked Harvest through some of you. I now follow her on Instagram and love her recipe ideas. She is so inspiring with her cooking ideas, especially for dinner. I have tried a good amount of her recipes over the past couple of months. Her noodle and chicken recipes have been pick me ups on cold nights at home.

my paris kitchen david lebovitz

My Paris Kitchen is a great staple cookbook to have in your kitchen. If you are stumped for what to make for dinner, this is one that I grab to get inspired. Plus, the photographs are dreamy and will make you miss Paris even more. Drinking French is another David Lebovitz book if you want to skip straight to the drinks and order takeout I don’t blame you.

my favorite cookbooks 2020 everyday parisian

The Bundt Collection is such a fun book. I am so inspired by all the creative recipe ideas for a bundt cake. I made the lemon blueberry one a few weeks ago, you may remember from my Instagram feed. It was so good! Bundt cakes are perfect for tea time or a holiday dessert. These make a big cake so there was plenty to go around with my neighbors.

my favorite cookbooks 2020 everyday parisian

It is no secret that I love Dorie Greenspan. When I was given the chance to meet her in Chicago, I grabbed a ticket and jumped in line. She signed my book and we have a photo together! Her vanilla sablé cookie (The Auntie Cookie) and world peace cookies are family staples. She is just as sweet in person as I imagined. On my bucket list is an invitation for dinner in Paris.

my favorite cookbooks 2020 everyday parisian

A Kitchen in France was actually a gift from a reader a few years ago. I love that it goes seasonally through recipes. It is a fun one to reach for when you need inspiration or to flip through the photographs when you are missing France.

my favorite cookbooks 2020 everyday parisian

If you are homesick for your favorite Parisian meals, this book will help. I love that Clotilde’s recipes are easy and approachable. I made her profiteroles on the front cover and they were delicious!

my favorite cookbooks 2020 everyday parisian

My aunt introduced me to Bistro Cooking and Patricia Wells when we cooked in her kitchen a few years ago. I immediately ordered the book after we made a few things for dinner. The book isn’t filled with fancy photos, it is straight comfort food recipes. A staple for your cookbook shelf.

my favorite cookbooks 2020 everyday parisian

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  1. Love your blog Rebecca, and look forward every Sunday for the wonderful links and suggestions of French things to buy!! Ina Garten and David Lebovitz are my top favorites. I have been wanting to purchase both of their latest cook books :)) Merci for all of the great tips and articles.

    • Hi Liz!

      Thank you so much for reading and for all your support. Ina and David are amazing. I have met David a few times and Ina is on my wish list. One day, maybe she will invite me for dinner 😉 I hope you enjoy their latest books. If you don’t buy them, perhaps put them on your holiday wish list.

      Have a great Sunday,

  2. Thanks for the list, Rebecca! I have The French Market Cookbook by Clotilde Dusoulier which is full of vegetarian recipes based on seasonal foods, and it’s one of my go-to cookbooks. I will have to check out the one of hers you mention, Tasting Paris. It looks like a good one, too!

    • Hi Maria,

      My pleasure! "Tasting Paris" is a lot of fun and her recipes are approachable and fun to make. Keep me posted on how you like it!

  3. When we first went into lockdown last March here in BC Canada, I reached for Yum & Yummer by Greta Podleski — healthy delicious recipes. Most are simple and every recipe comes with access to a short video. It’s one cookbook I’ve really worked my way through and I’ve written the date and my comments on each recipe I tried.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for sharing! That is awesome that you wrote the date and comments on the recipes. Such a good idea! I would love to know if you have a favorite repeat recipe.

  4. Thanks for the great list! I love that you share your thoughts on why you like these cookbooks. I’d like to suggest one more for you – Ina Garten’s Barefoot in Paris! It’s a fabulous collection of her favorite french-inspired recipes.