What I am Getting My Family For the Holidays

what I am getting my family for the holidays

Most of my holiday shopping is done except for a few things. I still am struggling with what I want for the holidays. Honestly, all I want is to see my family and hug them but that isn’t a reality this year. I always look forward to time with my family in December. It’s for naps, movies, cookies, and snuggles with the kids.

I am sending my family all cookie boxes with Auntie cookies, biscotti, sugar cookies, and toffee.

This is what I purchased for my family as gifts this year. Perhaps it will help you as you narrow down gifts for your own family.

Mom: My mom really wanted the Le Creuset stockpot for making soups. My sister and I both have the red one so that is what she got. Also, she requested this journal which I got her last year. I got it for her last year and she requested another one for 2021. I also got my Mom and sister matching pajamas. Looks like Mom won out big this year.

Dad: He asked for an electric razor from my sister and me and he loves Kiehl’s shave products so we stocked him up.

Sister/Brother in Law: Boll and Branch sheets. I have been raving about them enough that they took me up on the offer.

Bobby and Emma: They love these magntiles. My sister says it will keep them occupied for a while, so this is also a gift for my sister.

Bobby (age 4) asked me for a wizard wand that actually does magic. If anyone has an in on this let me know. 😉

What I got myself:

A Boll and Branch “nap blanket” is currently sold out but I love their products so much. I was looking for a blanket so I didn’t have to crawl under the sheets for a deep sleep but could take a quick nap. It’s been a long year and I haven’t taken enough downtime as I needed. I am looking forward to naps over Christmas break. Also, I bought myself my first pair of Vuori joggers.

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  1. Wonderful gifts! Matching pjs would be so fun… hmm I need to think of someone to match with! 🤔 The magnatiles are fantastic and fun; kids love them!

    • You can always match with ME!! The kids love the magnatiles, they already have some but could always use more to keep them busy!