Paris Diaries: March Day 6

I woke up to rain at Pavillon des Lettres. I could hear the rain before I saw it and I knew the rain against the balcony window was going to be beautiful. I jumped out of bed and raised the curtains to find rain drops fallling down the windows.

After I enjoyed the rainy morning views, I showered and got dressed for breakfast in the lobby. My croissant research continued at the hotel where I had one of each of course. All passed the test.

pavillon des lettres paris france breakfast

After breakfast, I went out for a walk as the rain had cleared up. I walked down Rue St Honore to The Tuileries.

I couldn’t visit The Tuileries and not visit my favorite Palais Royal gardens just a few minutes walk away.

palais royal paris france by rebecca plotnick

After Palais Royal, it was an easy walk across the Seine to the Left Bank. I got lost on the streets and enjoyed the nice weather.

There was a tiny street that caught my eye so I decided to walk down it. The Left Bank is still a bit of a mystery for me. I love that Paris continues to surprise me just when I thought I knew every corner.

I walked back towards the hotel for dinner. It was just me dining solo for the evening. There is a tiny square just off rue saint honore that I like to go for dinner and great people watching. On my way, I passed a bar that has always been on my radar but I had never stopped in. I ended up going in and talking with the bartender and enjoyed a glass of the most refreshing savignon blanc. The bar hasn’t changed since the 1950’s and the prices were very reasonable.

le rubis paris france wine bar

square rue saint honore paris france where to eat in paris everyday parisian

After dinner, I had a quick walk back to the hotel. A great way to end the evening in Paris.

pavillon des lettres paris france

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  1. Such a perfect day enjoying the city with no itinerary! These types of days almost always end up being my favorites. People cram too much into their plans and forget the pleasure of wandering in Paris.

    • yes! Exactly. It is nice to have done all the touristy things already. Paris has so many hidden gems that I am still discovering. Thank you for joining me on the walk.