A Walk Through Palais Royal

Palais Royal has always been a personal part of Paris to me. I lived around the corner and would walk through here every morning and every evening. It is a bit hidden from the center of Paris. The black and white columns are now popular on Instagram, but not as many people walk through the actual gardens. The Tuileries are close by and can be packed on a warm day but for some reason Palais Royal is not nearly as crowded. I like it this way and it is probably what gives it the charm that I love so much.

Photo by iheartparisfr

Photo by iheartparisfr

Pass through the columns and you will find the small park with pétanque players, kids running, and people enjoying a picnic.


Grab a cup of coffee at Café Kitsuné and stroll the gardens.

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  1. My Fall 2019 apartment is located in Palais Royal…! Your post and delicious photographs just gave fodder to my excitement. swoon

    • No way! What a dream. I need details. I can’t wait to hear about your experience. xo

  2. Palais Royal is one of my absolute favorite place to visit, especially early in the morning! I love your photos, Rebecca! It felt like I was right back there in my happy place! Merci! <3

    • I am so happy to hear this! Thank you so much for joining me virtually. It is such a special place in Paris. xo