Links I Love Week 10

This week, I am back in Chicago catching up on work and finally digging into my taxes. I started using QuickBooks last year which has really helped me keep my expenses better organized and has saved me so much time as I do it as I go. We have had some pops of sun and warmth this week that gives me hope Spring is on the way.

Why Parisians are Swapping The French Capital for Bordeaux

Le Bon Marché: World’s oldest department stores feels like the streets of Paris

Dermstore is offering 20% off until March 9th. I stocked up on these Bioderma wipes which are great for traveling and taking off makeup at the end of the day.

This is my dream Paris apartment. It’s pretty darn perfect. I will use this for style inspiration for my own home.

The best baguette in Paris goes to… They have this competition every year. I am not sure why I have not been asked to be a judge yet.

Life Isn’t Like the Movies (this week’s Modern Love)

JCrew is 40% for 23 hours only. Here are my favorites and reader favorites too!

How safe are Airplanes and Airports during an Outbreak?

Sisley’s newest Black Rose product reduces dark circles under your eyes. I got my hands on an early release of it and I have been using and loving it since early February.

The most beautiful bars and restaurants in Paris right now. (must read)

Dinner in French makes it’s debut March 10. I am waiting on an advanced copy. It is supposed to be the modern take on French Food just as Julia Child did many years ago. Melissa Clark explains her inspiration behind the book in this article.

Everlane sent me their Women’s Trench coat. I got a Small but I recommend sizing down one. I need to exchange it for an XS. The price is right at $148 and this will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come, plus the fabric is so soft!

Paris Louvre Closes due to Coronavirus as France bans large Gatherings

My Everyday Cuyana Tote

Paris Perfect teaches you to speak French like a local

If you are looking for a great French clean beauty brand, I love Caudalie. I switched to all clean products in my beauty routine and the one thing I was missing was a good body wash. This one smells great and I have already finished my first container. Plus, you get so many great freebies in each package when you collect points and shipping is FREE!

This is the Best Seller in The Print Shop this week and one of my personal favorites.

Should I cancel my trip because of Coronavirus? A lot of people have been asking me this question. This is a great article. You have to make the best decision for you.

How to shop for Cheese and Wine in Paris

New Sézane Favorites from their latest collection.

Drunk Shopping is a 44.9 Billion dollar business. I am not going to lie, I see a spike on the weekends in my own shop.

Centre Pompidou celebrates Henri Matisse’s 150th Birthday starting in May

People always ask me to “pick my brain” I do believe there is a right way and a wrong way to approach this. NYT writes a great article about it and so does Jess Keys

Reader Favorites this Week

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