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Chances if you have run into me, I have had my Cuyana tote on my shoulder. It literally goes with me everywhere and everyday. It keeps me organized, holds all my stuff, and I love the way it looks. I have had mine for almost 4 years and it is still going strong. Below are a few things I keep in my bag from day to day. When I travel I add a few more things to the mix as you can read below. This bag has also been the most popular with blog readers. I love meeting blog readers and seeing my matching Cuyana bag on their shoulders.

Cuyana introduced the tote organizer over a year ago and I made sure I was on the waitlist for the release. The color I wanted sold out before I could grab it but I ended up with the grey/pink in my black tote. This has been a game changer for me. It has a spot for my laptop so I don’t need an extra sleeve, a place to hook my keys so I don’t misplace them when I am traveling, there is even a spot for my hard drive and wallet. No more looking in an endless black pit for one small essential.

My iphone11 Pro goes with me everywhere. I keep it to stay organized and the camera on it is great. I like to stay connected with friends and family through Instagram. If you aren’t following me, you are missing out!

I have a Marc Jacobs wallet I bought from Nordstrom years ago and I love it. Cuyana has a similar one without the logo on the front. If I was in the market for a new one, I would buy this one. I had a Fendi one from my study abroad year (bought at the outlets in Florence) and I retired it to buy the Marc Jacobs one. To say I am a fan of this style wallet would be an understatement. It keeps me organized on the go and that is the most important part.

I don’t leave home without my Caudalie lip balm. I seriously have one in every pocket and bag. There are probably two in the top pocket of my Cuyana. It keeps my lips hydrated. I stock up in Paris but you can also buy it at Nordstrom

The hand and nail cream by Caudalie is also a favorite of mine. I keep it in my bag all year round but it is essential especially in the cold dry months.

I have a notebook for every year. I write down all my ideas and notes in my moleskine red book. Last year was black, this year is red. I have to keep the colors different so I don’t mixup the notebooks.

This is what I keep with my on a daily basis. The Cuyana bag is great because I can fit so much inside. When I travel, I can add in my laptop and camera/lenses. That pretty much fills it up.

Do you have a favorite bag you can’t live without?

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