Paris Diaries: Autumn No Four

This may be one of my favorite photos I have taken in Paris in a while. I literally walked out of the apartment and I didn’t check the weather.  I checked the clock instead and I was running late. I always carry an umbrella so it was easy to take out but I also took out my camera. I had a second to think and check my settings because the light was coming in so perfectly and in a blink, it can be gone. So I pulled magic and snapped this image. I love that the sun is shining through the rain and illuminating the whole image perfectly and just in case your eye doesn’t catch the rain at first glance you have umbrellas to cue you in. This had me smiling all day long. Yes, it was pouring rain and then it stopped and back on again. But that is Paris! 

I planned to go to some of the Heritage Day events including The Talleyrand. I made it to the Bastille market to look for more dahlias but my guy didn’t have the color I wanted so I visited a few other stands quickly before jetting off to Concord. I toured around The Talleyrand (more on that later) and then back on the metro to meet my favorite brunch friends Thomas and Magali. We tried a new place that I loved and will add to my list for you all. 

paris france view

I made it to Hôtel de Ville for the last minute entry to the end of Heritage Days. They almost didn’t let me in but thankfully they did because I have been admiring the building for years and always wanted to see the inside. Heritage Days allows you to go inside a lot of buildings in Paris that are normally closed to the public for FREE! 

hotel de ville paris france

While I was inside Hôtel de Ville it rained again! I eventually strolled home with my umbrella back to the Marais passing through Place des Vosges and a few other favorite spots in my neighborhood. To avoid burnout and exhuastion even more I am attempting to make it an early night. I have a full week of photographing starting tomorrow. 

paris in the rain



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