Paris Diaries : Autumn No Five

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You may have noticed my absence here the last week. I had every intention of writing the diary every day but from the minute I landed in Paris I was overwhelmed.  As a creative was I overstimulated by being back in the city that inspires me the most. I was out with my Paris Family over the weekend and Rob brought up a valid point. If I spent an hour of my day writing down everything I did when I am actually taking an hour away from living the fullest life which I am only enjoying for a very short time. ( I hope this makes sense) then I also was proposed the idea of writing later after I am home. So I put it to good thought and I forgot to tell you that is where I was but I promise if you know anything about me you know I was doing my best to enjoy every moment. 

Since I chronicle my life in photographs it is easy to jog my memory and give the details just like they happened that day. 

I wanted to explore more of my neighborhood for a bit and I finally checked out La Belle Fontaine which had a lovely vibe and atmosphere. There were a lot of people inside around 10 am so I didn’t snap anything on the inside. It would be easy to spend a few hours here reading a book, eating a good meal with friends or just people watching. It is a little off the beaten path from the center of Paris but if you have the time I would make the trip.

hotel grand amour breakfast

I made my way by foot all the way to Montmartre for a little project and made a detour for Hotel Grand Amour which I have heard a lot about. I grabbed breakfast in their outdoor courtyard and I had the place all to myself. 

It was a bit of a walk to Montmartre but I had a croissant to burn off so I made my way to Rue des Abbesses. On my walk, I realized I forgot my umbrella from the rain the night before and when I looked at the weather I knew I was in trouble. I figured I would avoid it by the time it was due and risk my chances instead of ducking home. Now you may all be thinking why didn’t I just buy another umbrella? Two things, I am stubborn and I already had two that I brought back at the apartment. 

paris montmartre door front

I made my way through Montmartre for a few photographs before the rain set in 2 hours earlier than expected. I ducked into a restaurant for lunch before continuing my walk. I made it down to the bottom of Rue des Martyrs before the rain hit again so I parked myself at a café. I walk an average of 10 miles a day so taking a rest is always welcome in Paris plus you can’t beat the people watching. 

When I lived in Montmartre in 2013 there was a special walk I used to do twice a week to visit my Paris family. I finally documented it for the blog and will be sharing soon but it starts on Rue des Martyrs. This walk brought back all sorts of good memories.

If you are headed to Paris this Autumn don’t miss my Packing Guide. 

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