Paris Meets Chicago : Aesop

Aesop | Wicker Park, Chicago

Aesop | Wicker Park, Chicago

Aesop originated in Melbourne, Australia in the 1980’s, but when the company decided that they wanted to expand globally, they chose Paris as their first international destination. In fact, there are now nine brick and mortar locations within the City of Lights. The French take skincare very seriously and so does Aesop, which is probably why Parisians welcomed the shop into their city with open arms. Because we see this perfectly organized shop everywhere when we’re in Paris, we were thrilled to visit the Aesop location in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.  

Aesop Wicker Park @rebeccaplotnick @everydayparisian

The marketing and packaging of Aesop’s products are perfectly minimal, and this is very deliberate; the spotlight is intentionally focused on the quality of the product itself. Aesop mixes unique formulas with high-quality ingredients that have a wide range of individual fragrances. They offer beloved hair, skin, and body products designed to cleanse, tone, and hydrate. We recently picked up the Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm at the Wicker Park store, and we are smitten with the vanilla and sandalwood fragrance of this rich balm. You simply must pop in to this shop while you’re visiting Chicago! Check out some glimpses of this perfectly curated space, and shop some of our favorite products below.

@everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick Aesop in Wicker Park

Aesop @everydayparisian @rebeccaplotnick

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