The Paris Diaries Winter Day 4


I woke up at Hotel Adèle and Jules and I really didn’t know what to expect with the view. I arrived at dusk the night before so I was anticipating what was waiting for me. The view was everything and more! I wish I could have spent more time in this spot. I didn’t have a photographer so I set a timer on my camera, which took more than a few tries. It was worth it. I had a croissant and coffee in bed and a slow start. I even requested a later check out, which they were happy to give me. 

hotel adele and jules paris france

The sun was shinning for a brief time which was so nice after all the rain. I headed out to find lunch before my next meeting. I ended up walking through Gallerie Vivienne which was very close to the hotel. Daroco had been on my list for a while to try. I wanted to enjoy every meal in Paris and that meant actually sitting down to eat vs rushing from meeting to meeting and snacking during the day. I was able to secure a table, but the service was a little slower than I was hoping for. The sun was shinning for the first time all week and I was inside and I was hungry. I watched as pizzas were delivered to nearby tables. A bit of food envy.  The food was worth the wait. I ordered the suggested lemon pasta with swordfish ceviche. You have to mix the hot pasta with the raw fish to cook in the lemon. I need to come back and try the pizza. 

daroco paris france

gallerie vivienne paris france

After my lunch, I walked around for a few minutes soaking up my old neighborhood. I used to stay around the corner from this Passage and it has been one of my favorites. 

I had plans to meet Corey Frye of A French Frye in Paris for a coffee. We had never met but I reached out and he was happy to accept. 

Le Brébant

Le Brébant is a new spot that was taken over from a classic café. I remember popping in here years ago on my walks from Montmartre. Corey and I chatted about how we ended up in Paris and we quickly decided to join forces for a walk through Paris. If you don’t know, Corey is a full time tour guide and offers walks through Paris every Saturday through Facebook live. Since I don’t know much about the Left Bank, he was sweet enough to offer to tour it with me the following day. 

le brébant paris café

I headed back to the apartment on île st louis to do work for a bit before heading out for the night. My evening plans were to attend the play, “OMG She is Parisian” I had been introduced to Julie through a friend and I was very happy to be able to catch the play on my short visit. I was invited by both Julie and Theater in Paris to attend. My friend Jane was able to meet for the play. 

Not to worry, the show is in English! I have to say, I learned a lot about Parisian culture during the show. More than I expected. I was laughing so hard I had tears down my cheeks. I highly recommend visiting for something a little different from the typical evening entertainment. You can prebook a ticket here. 

The theater is located just off of Rébublique so it wasn’t far from great food options. Jane and I made our way towards Grazie for pizza. If you haven’t noticed hunger is a theme throughout the day. When you walk over 10 miles and 20 flights of stairs, things all balance out. We dined on pizza and wine before both walking home. The city is full of public transportation options between the metro and bus options, but I prefer to walk as much as possible. Since I was staying on île st louis it was a nice walk home across the Seine. 

As it comes to the end of Day 4 and the start of the weekend, I was already sad about leaving on Monday. 

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