Introducing the Paris Calendar 2017

For the last two years, I have created a calendar and planner with Orange Circle Studios. This is my last year of the Paris project so I wanted to share the final products with you before they are gone. This has been such a fun project that I almost passed up on in 2013. Luckily, I answered the phone and said yes!

Your daily dose of Paris comes in a few formats. You can use the Paris Planner to write all of your daily/monthly activities. This one has been super popular over the last few years. I have carried it in the shop and sold out. You can purchase it here

Inside the planner, you will find my photography and various Paris quotes. For the Francophile in your life or for yourself this is the perfect gift!

For those of you, that love a wall calendar instead of a planner I have a small and larger option too! The small calendar measures around 6×6 and is great for the desk or a small space. 

Small Calendar 

Small Calendar 

The larger calendar measures around 12×12 and has the same photos it is just larger for writing more activities. 

I almost forgot the best news! I never know where the planner and calendars will end up but this year I am excited to announce they have been sold with Target, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Papyrus and of course Amazon

They are sold out in my shop but you can purchase them here:

The Paris Planner

The Paris Calendar Small

The Paris Calendar Large


All of the flat lay photographs were captured by one of my lovely customers Sandy Fuertes

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