The Best Croissant in Paris

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This year I have been on the hunt for the best croissant in Paris which originally started the post titled “The Paris Agenda”  It took a lot of research and I tried a lot more croissants than I imagined I ever would. This is all my own opinion so your favorite croissant may not have made my list but feel free to comment below and share.

When I was working on my “research” of taste testing croissants I wanted to come up with certain criteria. I prefer my croissant buttery, a little flakey, and not too dry. You can order your croissant just as you can your baguette either bien cuite (well cooked) or pas trop cuite (not too cooked). 

I asked a few of my Parisian friends for their favorite croissant in Paris. While I did get the insider tips, they asked me not to tell! Not everyone shares their favorite boulangerie, it is something that is held sacred. 

Here are a few pointers when seeking out a good croissant in Paris.

1. Make sure you order a croissant au beurre. The other option is croissant ordinaire. You will be able to tell a difference just by looking. The big difference is in the taste.

2. Time of Day. Be mindful when you are ordering your croissant at the Boulangerie. I have had bad luck first thing in the morning 6 am, and much better luck around 9 am for a warm fresh one right out of the oven. It makes all the difference! You can also try around 4 pm during the children’s goûter hour. If you order a croissant around 11/12 they are most likely going to be more dry from sitting out for a few hours. 

Boulangerie Utopie : 20 Rue Jean – Pierre Timbaud

I originally came here for the carbon baguette on recommendation of my friend Jane from La Cuisine Paris. I ordered a few croissants not even thinking they would be added to the list. After one bite, I knew they were the real deal and they had to be added to the list! Located in the 11th arrondissement close to République or you can take the Oberkampf metro.  I recommend trying both the carbon baguette and the croissant if you are there. They have so many great options or breads and pastries. You can see this great post on the boulangerie here. 

boulangerie utopie paris france


Boulangerie Onfroy : 34 Rue de Saintonge 

best croissant in Paris

This one makes the list but it can be hit or miss. You will see it is a hole in the wall Boulangerie tucked away on a side street. I tried the croissant three times. Two out of three were fresh and hot right out of the oven and were the most amazing croissant. The third which was not hot was not so great. But overall it still makes the list as a place you should stop, but don’t go out of your way. 

Boulangerie Moderne Rabineau – 16 Rue des Fosses St Jacques 

the best croissant in Paris

I was surprised to find this at my coffee spot in the Marais, Au Petit Fer a Cheval. I don’t typically order croissants in bars but my bartender Didier offered and I was tempted. I was pleasantly surprised and stopped to ask where they were from. There is a boulangerie next door but he told me that it wasn’t from there. He gave me the ticket from the boulangerie order in the morning so I could have the exact address.

Blé Sucré – 7 Rue Antoine Vallon 

the best croissant in paris

I have heard about Blé Sucré for a while but I never made it there until this trip. It is very close to the Aligre market so you can stop here before or after. I was visiting my friend Erin who lives nearby so we grabbed a few of each to taste test back at her house. The dough is sweeter than most croissants you will find in Paris but this makes it unique. I would love to try one warm which I have yet to do. I did go back this past trip and they were sold out very early on a Saturday and had no plans to make more so keep this in mind when scheduling your visit.

the best croissant in paris

Du Pain et des Idées – 34 Rue Yves Toudic 

the best croissant in paris

This is a must visit! They are known for their escargot croissants which have various flavors such as pistache chocolat, praliné, and fruits rouge. Over the course of the month I tried a few different croissants. They were all delicious and very flakey. You can sit right outside and eat them on the bench or take it to go. They just started serving coffee but you can also pop by Holy Belly for takeaway. Please Note: They are closed on the weekend so plan accordingly.

the best croissant in paris

Maison Landemaine 28 Beaumarchais 

the best croissant in paris

I have talked about this boulangerie a lot over the years. I stumbled upon it on my walk back in 2013 and the lines were out the door so I had to try it. I have been going ever since. I believe the ownership has changed over the years but I haven’t noticed a change in the quality of items. I love their torsadee baguette. This past trip I grabbed a quick croissant and I had a meeting across town so I threw it in my bag for later. I hate eating on the go in Paris but I needed something before being tied up for few hours. I pulled out my croissant which you will see in the actual photo got smashed but it stopped me in my tracks. It was so perfect between the butter, flakes, and flavor. 

the best croissant in paris

Honorable Mention 

I discovered my favorite pain au chocolat back in 2012 when I was in Montmartre. Le Grenier à Pain, 38 Rue Des Abbesses (closed Tuesday and Wednesday) I still pop in when I am in the neighborhood and it doesn’t disappoint. I will say I think they are more on the bien cuite side with their baking, you will see this with their baguettes too. 

the best croissant in paris

An interesting read: A French Baker’s Crusade to Save The Genuine Croissant in France

Stay tuned for my favorite croissant in Chicago and NYC. 

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  1. I just found your blog and needless to say I am obsessed! I’ve been to all the shops except Maison Landemaine, so I’m excited to try that one next time in the city.

    • Thank you so much, Lindsey! You must visit Maison Landemaine, they have a few around the city now but I have always gone to 34 Beaumarchais out of tradition and walked to Place des Vosges.

  2. Du Pain & des Idées was both a hit and a miss for me. The escargot pistache et chocolat was huge and to die for, if a bit pricey. But the croissant was meh…I’ve had far superior croissants from lots of places, and again, it was pricier than most.

    Blé Sucré’s croissants are divine. They’re huge, sweet and buttery, with excellent flakiness. Just wonderful.
    Another great croissant can be found at L’Essential on rue Mouffetard. Right up there with Blé Sucré as a must for croissant lovers.

    • oh thank you Sherry! I will have to add L’Essential to my list next time I am that way. I love some good croissant competition for blé sucré.

      I am sorry to hear that du pain des idées was a hit and miss. I actually tasted all of their escargot in one sitting. Some are better than others and you have to catch them on the right day!

      Thank you for sharing with me! xo

  3. Maison Landemaine has blossomed well since he started in 2007. There are 11 locations to choose from in Paris. And yes, they turn out a great Croissant.

      • Landemaine would be up there if I’d have a list.
        There is one bakery (name escapes me) near Republique I have to revisit and see if their Croissants are as amazing as their Brioche.

        • oh! I would love the name if you remember. I had the brioche with praline from Landemaine this round too. It was so good!