Spring Playlist

My Spring Playlist is here. I love having music in the house and it is an instant mood booster. This is a little mixture of sunshine, French, Spring vibes, and a little love. 💕Listen to this while you are hanging at home, driving in the car, or having an outdoor picnic.

I hope you enjoy the mix and if you have any songs that you love that didn’t make the list, please comment below and share.

For other playlists:

Paris Jazz

Paris Café

Valentine’s Day Playlist can also be used for a little date night romance at home.

P.S. For ways to Frenchify Your Spring check out this post.

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  1. Hello Rebecca, What a beautiful blog about Paris. You’ve conquered my traveling soul, and I will be visiting often, since I can’t go to Paris as much as I wished. Lucky you.

    Here’s a velvety french song for your playlists. Au revoir!