Henri and Me 4 Months

henri and me everyday parisian

henri and me everyday parisian

It was a BIG week for Henri. He officially turned 4 months this week on Thursday. He had his vet checkup and he is in perfect health weighing in at 20.6 pounds. The vet says to double the 4-month weight so he will be around 40 pounds give or take. We were thinking maybe 30/35 when we got him so this is a bit bigger than expected. He has been fully vaccinated and is free to roam around the streets of Chicago and play with other dogs at the dog park. He is VERY social so I know he is thrilled about this. I have plans for him to meet two of my friend’s dogs soon.

henri and me bowtie puppy

One of my oldest and closest friends was married this week and to be safe it was an intimate wedding that was shared via Zoom. Since I could watch from home, Henri was my plus one! I got him a bowtie for the occasion. He enjoyed a bone while I cried and watched one of my best friends get married. She found love during this crazy year and I couldn’t be happier for her.

Henri got a Haircut

henri and me everyday parisian

I went in with specific instructions on how to cut Henri’s hair. Not too short, but he is hot (panting at night) so he needed a cut. I wanted to keep his cute little brown eyebrows that I love so much. The woman repeated the directions back to me and I left to go get work done at home. I had a call and then he was ready to be picked up. He has literally been by my side the last 9 weeks so not having him at home felt really odd.

I ran to pick him up. They were disorganized and couldn’t find his paperwork. I hated seeing all the dogs in cages and I heard barking and crying so I panicked. I looked quickly and there he was in a cage. They pulled him out and he looked like he had stepped under a blow dryer in a Disney movie. It was SO bad I started laughing then crying and a mixed laugh and cry. I quickly checked out and ran. Poor Henri…

I hear it will go down a bit and grow out. The worst part is they shaved off most of his cute eyebrows. The one thing I wanted them to keep. He kissed me once we were reunited so I know he didn’t hate me that much. On our walk home, we stopped by the cleaners and she has a full-length mirror. He did a check and he still loved himself so that made me feel good. I made up for it with peanut butter treats and chicken at home.

henri's first haircut bernedoodle everyday parisian

henri and me everyday parisian

I am now looking for new groomers in Chicago.

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  1. He’s so adorable! Please make sure you keep him as social as possible. I’ve owned dogs my whole life and one of my pups didn’t get to meet as many other dogs when he was very young (before I adopted him) and so didn’t do well with other dogs as an adult. It’s been challenging since then.

    • Hi Jodi,

      Thank you so much! Henri goes on walks 2-3 times a day and loves meeting other dogs on the walks. We can’t go home until he has played with at least a few in the neighborhood. Now that he is fully vaccinated, we are starting to make friends. He loves babies and kids as well. Lots of love from a little guy.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I took my PBGV to Animal Lovers on Clybourn. She always looked adorable. Chip is the owner and I’m sure he remembers Chloe. In the meantime, we await our new puppy soon. Here in Bucktown, there’s a place on Cortland next to My Vet, who took care of Chloe.
    But Henri looks adorable and his eyelashes will grow back quickly.
    Happy walking!

  3. So handsome! What a gorgeous fellow!
    I just adopted another shorty Jack Russell and get him on May 2nd.
    I am a francophone like you so I named him Marcel, mais bien sur. 🙂

    • Thank you! Congratulations on Marcel. What a cute name! Please keep me posted on his arrival.

      Lots of love xo