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Happy Spring! I hope you are enjoying some sunshine this weekend. Henri and I were able to get out and about for a bit. He loves the snow, but he also is enjoying the sunshine, rain, and mud season. We finally got into a bit of a groove this week and while Henri napped, I was very productive. You will notice there are 5 new posts this week! Grab your coffee and croissant and enjoy this week’s links. There is a good mixture of content below. I have to say, this may be one of my favorite weeks of links in a while.

I am hosting a fun giveaway on the blog with Klorane for Dry Shampoo. You can see the post here and how to enter. The winners will be announced Monday.

Paris and regions enter month-long limited lockdown

A Plea for Grace and Patience. This article was so relatable! One of my favorites of the week. WSJ. If you can’t access it through the Wall Street Journal, please let me know as I screenshot a few important paragraphs to share on social.

61 Ways to Donate in Support of Asian Communities

Inside the home of French creative Garance Doré

I had a request for cute and stylish flats. I love these in black or red and these!

National Napping Day was this week which explains so much about the time change. Here are 5 reasons you should nap. If you needed one!

This is your brand on Peloton (can you relate?)

My amazing friend Katie shares her story about her cancer diagnosis during a pandemic and life as a mom in Paris. This one makes me cry every time I sit down to read it and I know the story.

I love a good sheet pan dinner these days. I just saw these sheet pan cheats to separate your food on the pan from Crate and Barrel. Genius! I like all my foods separate and everything has different cook times.

Get to know Montmartre by My Modern Met

If you are looking for a great framing option for prints/photographs/art, I love Simply Framed. You can save 15% off your first order here. I am having some customer frames done and will share more soon. I love that I can just get the frame made and not send in the art. Game changer!

Henri and I watched this movie, “I Care a Lot” on Netflix during the week. He cuddled up on the couch and even watched a bit.

Should you get bangs? Everything you need to know before the haircut. A few things I wish I knew before making the cut.

Anthropologie is running 20% off this weekend including HOME! This is the best time to buy a big purchase like my mirror. I bought mine in the sale last year. I also did a roundup of fun French finds at Anthropologie on the blog. I bought this Oui sweatshirt and one for my friend Rachelle who is helping with the new site redesign.

A Counterintuitive Way to Cheer Up When You’re Down

These lemon feta roasted potatoes sound so good for Spring with a little grilled chicken or fish.

How Being Productive Starts with Doing Nothing (WSJ, You may need a subscription)

Discovering WW1 tunnel of death hidden in France for a century

Go Ahead and Fail. Perfectionism can make you miserable.

Along with that subject, When did Following Recipes Become a Personal Failure?

These Le Creuset Herb planters are adorable and so fun for the kitchen. I can’t wait for Basil/Mint season

Musée D’Orsay announces massive expansion due to an anonymous generous donation.

A Parisian home with a literary legacy

Kate Spade has some very affordable dresses on sale if you need any for outdoor social events. I love this floral one, this one, and this polka dot one too.

Lulu and Georgia are having a 25% off Friends and Family Sale. If you don’t know this brand, they are one to shop for home furnishings. You can use code FAMILY25 at checkout. Some of my favorites include this floor-length mirror that I really want, plus more picks below.

This video on vaccination day from The Holderson family made me laugh out loud. I am definitely the woman in this video.

‘Like I own Paris’ – The rare foreign tourists seeing a very different side to the French capital

On the blog this week:

An update on Henri! He just reached his 4 months and it was a big week. You have to see his BAD haircut.

What I am reading now. It took me over a year to get into a reading groove after many books I didn’t finish. This one I am into and plan to finish. I am finding a reason to read before work and before bed again. I love it.

My chicken pita recipe that I have been eating on repeat

Re-entry anxiety. Thank you for the wonderful comments I know I am not alone. I hope this brings comfort to those who feel the same way I do.

This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items purchased through my links. Merci!

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  1. Rebecca – thanks for another wonderful post. Our pup Hudson, an Aussie Doodle, always looks a bit odd after being at the groomers because of the blowdrying — we call it his "floofy" look. After a couple of days he begins to look like himself again. I did hunt for some good photos on Pinterest to print and take into the groomers and that definitely helped with keeping his face the way we like.

    As for all of us missing travel, I must recommend Virtual Trips ( This British company offers free (tips are welcome) short live, online tours of various locations all around the world, including many sites in France! The professional tour guides are so delighted to be able to work again, and because tours are live they can interact with their participants through a chat function. It is so much better than watching a travelogue program, and the Paris tours have been fantastic. Check it out!

  2. Rebecca- I look forward to checking in with my BFF I’ve never met every Sunday! We will be adopting a puppy at the end of April so I love reading about Henri. We lost our almost 14 year old dog this past summer so this is a huge move for us! It’s been a long time since we had a puppy in the house.

    I wish I ordered the pink Anthro sweatshirt before it sold out. I will be ordering the Crate & Barrel silicone pan dividers. Genius!

    I ordered wallpaper but cannot decide if I want to paper or paint my powder room. I do know I will hang the beautiful photograph I bought from you this past Christmas (to me, from me!). I ordered a frame from West Elm that you recommended and the company sent three, charging me for just one. Customer service said to keep the extra two! I will need to pick out two more photographs.

    Anyway, I rarely comment but I really do enjoy your posts and wanted to let you know. Have a wonderful Sunday!



    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you so much! I love that you check in with me each week to read links I love!

      I hope you love the new puppy experience. I know the pain of losing a dog. It is not easy. I am working on a puppy post with advice that I need to post soon that you might find helpful. What kind of puppy?

      Keep in touch and have a great week!

      • We will be adopting a Welsh springer spaniel. He is the cousin of our former dog, Brigid. I look forward to your puppy post!