Madewell Sneaker Review

madewell sidewalk sneaker review

Madewell Sidewalk Sneaker Review

My favorite Madewell sneakers are currently on sale and it is the perfect time to own and wear them. I first purchased them back in 2019 right before a Spring trip to Paris. When I purchased them, I didn’t have time to break them in and I hit the ground running. The Madewell sidewalk sneakers have turned into my favorite walking shoes for Paris.

Madewell Shoe Sizing

I bought them in-store so I was able to try them on. For sizing, I could have gone with an 8 but since I walk so much and my feet tend to swell, I sized up to an 8.5.

madewell sneakers for Paris

For blazer options, J.Crew has great options.

If you are traveling to Europe, these are perfect walking shoes for neighborhood strolls, dog walks, and farmers market runs.

For styling the sneakers, you can throw them on with a pair of jeans, a blazer, and a t-shirt. The Madewell sidewalk sneaker is perfectly on trend for any Parisian outfit. Once you break them in, they are so comfortable and you won’t want to take them off.

my favorite sneakers from madewell

madewell sneakers

You don’t need to break in the shoes out of the box, but I strongly recommend purchasing no-show socks to wear with them to prevent blisters on your heels. Plus, this soaks up sweat and smells that happen naturally.

madewell sneakers

I loved the shoes so much I bought another pair on sale. I wore them so much walking around Paris, I needed a fresh pair!

Photos of me by Jacquline Claire and Katie Donnelly

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