Paris Diaries: May in Paris

In 2015 I spent the month of May in Paris. I quickly learned there was a bank holiday just about every week and it is also the rainiest month of the year. Somehow I forgot this over time. I have had trips where I was worried I wouldn’t see Paris in the rain at all. If you have ever experienced Paris in the rain it can be romantic and beautiful. The rain covers the pavement and brings on a different element to the look of the city. If there is a bit of sun right after the rain the light will make the cobblestones glisten. It is one of my favorite moments to watch. 

This month from mid-April to mid-May there has been so much rain. As I type my shoes are drying as I was drenched not once but twice. The second time there was hail and what felt like buckets of rain. All I could do was laugh and make funny faces with my friend Magali. One thing you can’t control is the weather. I wish there were super sunny warm days (like the ones I packed for) but I guess that will be saved for my next visit to Paris. 

Sunday I leave Paris and I don’t want to think about waking up in Chicago on Monday morning… I am going to live in the moment and spend time with friends and family tomorrow. Rain or shine I have no doubt I will make the best of it. 

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