My Paris Agenda Fall 2022

My Paris Agenda Fall 2022

My Paris Agenda posts have become a tradition over the last few years. While it is fun to share day-to-day scenes of life on Instagram, I know not everyone follows on social. Social media can be a bit overwhelming for someone who creates content daily and also for those who consume it!

Today I am off for a trip to Paris and I am full of a range of emotions from excitement, nervousness, and sadness to leave Henri.

First Solo Trip to Paris Since 2019

My journey as a Paris photographer started in 2010 on my first solo trip to Paris. I was struggling to find a job and was selling my photography on Etsy while babysitting during the week. The trip was the start of something wonderful and I will always be grateful to those who supported my crazy dream.

I traveled to Paris every year some for short weekend trips and some for months at a time. The trips were almost always solo and I learned to love my alone time. As a solo traveler, you can make your own schedule. It can be scary traveling alone, but I really encourage it at least once in your life.

sezane trench everyday parisian

On my first trip back to Paris after the pandemic and shutdown of travel to Europe, I led a trip to Paris of 25 women. It was a big change from the solo trips I have had over the years. The women were strangers from around the US and we all left a week later as friends. It was a great experience to get my feet wet with traveling again. There was a range of emotions on what Paris would be like after 2 years away but Paris felt like time stood still while I was gone and I was able to pick up right where I had left off. Many shops and restaurants had closed but also so many new ones are open to being discovered.

The Next Chapter

At the end of the trip, my boyfriend at the time met me for a few days in Paris where he proposed. This marked the start of a whole new chapter. It has been an adventure being engaged for the last year and navigating planning a wedding during both of our busy seasons. I am very grateful that I have a partner that is supportive of my career as a Paris photographer and blogger. He will be taking care of Henri while I am in Paris for the next week.

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My Paris Agenda

The big question everyone always asks is, what will you be doing in Paris? The Paris trips are always to capture new photos for The Print Shop and gather and research places to eat, drink, explore, and stay for future blog posts. This is to help readers plan the best trips possible to Paris.

To be honest, I put a lot of pressure on myself for these trips. The trips to Paris are fully funded by me. My photography is what allows me to return to Paris so often. I save a lot and work hard and do my best to maximize my time and try to collect as many photographs as I can for the Print Shop and blog content. For the last couple of months, I have been planning ideas for future blog posts as readers ask questions during the trip and I make notes as I go throughout my travels.

I will be in Paris for a little over a week this October and I am staying at two different hotels. Tourism is booming in Paris and rates for hotel accommodations aren’t cheap. My schedule and plans changed multiple times as I planned for this trip and I eventually booked a hotel where I have already stayed. It is always good to check up on my recommendations and make sure they are up to my high standards.

maison mere budget boutique hotels in Paris

Paris Photoshoot

My friend Katie and I have plans to meet for lunch and a photo shoot the day after I arrive. She is scheduled to be out of town for the rest of my trip and we really wanted to see each other. We are working on a fun project and blog post that will come in handy for blog readers. Katie is always my top recommendation for a photographer in Paris for families, couples, and solo shoots.

katie donnelly photographer in Paris

Restaurant Research

I will be doing some restaurant research and lots of solo dining in Paris. Where to eat and drink in Paris is my most popular blog post and I want to make sure I have some great classic and new recommendations for readers.

bistro rougement 9th arrondissement Paris

Bachelorette Party of One

If you have been following along with the wedding planning, the guest list is small. There are some parts of the process I have been excited about and other parts I have skipped. I am not having a wedding shower or bachelorette party. Our family is traveling for the wedding and I want to keep the process stress free and budget-friendly as possible. If it works out, I would love to do a little spa time with aunts, sisters, and moms before the wedding.

There is a property in France I have had my eye on visiting for years and I haven’t taken the opportunity to visit. My fiancé and I have tried twice to make it work and the timing and schedule were off. I decided to host a bachelorette party of one at the Bordeaux Caudalie Spa for a few nights. This is what I have been most looking forward to and it will be something so new and different.

Bordeaux France Agenda

I am terrible at taking any time off or unplugging so this will be a challenge. The hotel makes it easy to book activities and spa appointments and I have done both. There are a few restaurants on the property and I will be enjoying solo meals with a glass of wine from Bordeaux. Caudalie is a brand I have purchased for years. The fall foliage and backdrop of Bordeaux sound dreamy. My fiancé is already requesting that he join me next time and I promised I am doing research for the next trip.

The adventure to Bordeaux is something I plan on writing about here and sharing my experience with readers. I rented a bike, booked a wine tasting, and an afternoon at the spa. The reviews I have read have mentioned the walking paths so I am really looking forward to seeing Bordeaux with a fresh set of eyes and shooting images for The Print Shop.

I will be in your inboxes for links I love on Sunday from Paris with a coffee and croissant! xo

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  1. I am so excited to hear all about your trip to Bordeaux! It sounds just wonderful! Though I’ve never been there myself, it has been a favorite location of mine since I was young and found out that my grandmother owned a chocolate shop there and traveled back and forth to California by ship many years ago. Enjoy!

  2. Have a lovely trip to Bordeaux! I’ll look forward to reading about it as we plan on visiting Paris next year and that’s an area we are considering. Too many beautiful places to visit in one country! Bon voyage! And congratulations!🎉

  3. Enjoy Rebecca I’m so happy you got some time to be in paris !!!! Paris owns my heart for sure and I love reading your blogs and hearing all about your trip look forward to seeing your photos from Bordeaux!!! Bon voyage have a great time !!!

  4. Wishing you all the blessings and happiness on this trip! My love of Paris has grown and grown thanks to you! I truly hope have some much deserved time to relax. I Love Paris in the Fall!

  5. So happy for you, Rebecca! Paris is my favorite cityt to visit. I love to just walk the city and take in all the amazing architecture and soak in the ambience of it all.
    Your trip to Bordeaux sounds fabulous!
    Be safe & have a great time.

  6. Have a wonderful trip, Rebecca! I love France in October/Fall. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent 3 weeks there in 2021 and 2019 visiting my sister who lives in France. Have not made it to Bordeaux yet so I am really excited to see this beautiful town through your eyes! Bon Voyage!

  7. If you take the train to Bordeaux, you will be on the same line I took when I traveled to Biarritz this past spring. It departs from Gare Montparnasse. Enjoy! Will look forward to reading about your stay there.

  8. Hi Rebecca! After 4 days in London, my husband and I arrived at our apartment off Blvd Saint Germain on Saturday. The weather’s been glorious!

  9. I’m so glad you are taking some time off for your own bachelorette party at the spa. What a great idea. Enjoy your spa time! I can’t wait to see the new photos for the Print Shop.

  10. A friend booked a girls catch up lunch for us last Friday at Aux Pres and it’s fabulous! There were several super stylish women there dining alone (looking like they were on their lunch break from the chic boutiques in the surrounding streets). As it has a really chic marble bar along one side of the restaurant, it’s perfect for a solo dining outing. Enjoy your trip!