Links I Love Week 42

As you are reading this weekly roundup, I am headed back to Chicago on a plane from Paris. It was a very full two weeks and in some ways, it exceeded my expectations. I had a great time showing the Atlas Adventures girls around Paris with a bike ride through Versailles, an Eiffel Tower picnic, a macaron class, and a private shopping experience at Sézane. I tacked on a few days at the end of the trip to soak up the city. We were so lucky with the weather and it only rained briefly on the day I arrived.

I had an amazing trip but I am also looking forward to snuggling Henri and sleeping in my own bed.

If you aren’t on Instagram, there is a lot to fill you in on from the last two weeks in Paris. This video is a fun one from my stay at Saint James Paris. 

Paris is Booming. The city is buzzing!

Why madeleines are making a comeback in Paris right now

What causes the zoomies in dogs? This article made me feel better about Henri’s zoomies! 

Your Debt Does Not Define You

A modernist gem in Paris 

Growing off the vine: how a Paris rooftop farm is changing the industry

Bonding With Léa Seydoux NYT

Watch Jimmy Falon share his love for Nancy Meyers movies. I have been following her on Instagram and she has hinted at a new film she is working on. 

While I may have packed in a carry-on to get to Paris, there is no way it is happening on the way home. I picked up a good amount of Caudalie and pharmacie products for friends/family back home. 

I have stumbled upon a few brocantes (antique markets) while in Paris, this website tells you which ones are happening and the location each weekend. 

How to Know You are Lonely 

Here is what happens to your body when you walk a mile each day

The Marvelous Paris of Marin Montagut

15 comforting fall drinks

I did some damage at Sezane this week in Paris. A few favorites that I am already wearing on repeat include this striped shirt, sweater, and trench coat

Burnout Is Impacting Women’s Careers and Finances More Than Ever—Here’s How to Avoid It

Details of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 4 I love this show and can’t wait to watch what happens to Midge Maisel. 

Tackling Police Violence Through the Lens of an Interracial Friendship

Poet Morgan Harper Nichols on the Mantras to Say to Yourself During Your Beauty Routine

Lots of people have been asking about recommendations for Paris in December, I will have a more detailed list as it gets closer but this will be a good start. 

An Illustrated Guide to Doing a Breast Self-Exam

4 Tips to Surviving the Post-Vacation Blues, According to a Professional Traveler

I Need a Solo Trip. How Do I Tell My Partner?

Carrie & Big Go to Paris

Top 20 Hotels in Paris: Readers’ Choice Awards 2021

A woman at the head of Dior”: the documentary

Dressing for a Body in Limbo – Because all bodies are beautiful!

Looking for the finest French restaurant, head to London, not Paris

How to style a black slip dress from a Parisian girl 

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