Links I Love : Week 38

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10 Films That Will Make You Fall in Love with Paris. How many have you seen?

This restaurant is on my list for my next trip to Paris. This article gives it mixed reviews but I want to give it a shot. Has anyone been?

The Ultimate Guide to the best of Afternoon Tea in Paris Have you experienced high tea in Paris yet?

These t-shirts sell out so fast. Grab them while you can! It may not be t-shirt season for much longer but save it for the warmer days or under a cardigan. Everything at JCrew is 30% off this weekend, I will be buying more of this sweater in other colors.

the vie amour tshirt from jcrew

A reader sent me this article on French Cuisine from the Washington Post

At The Paris Opera, 350 Years in the Making

French People Explain the Importance of Long Lunch Breaks

Marie-Antoinette’s Secret Versailles Hideaway (Re)opens It’s Doors

I have been a fan of fun tights for years since discovering a brand in Paris. They are finally catching on as Sézane is selling them as a staple

I wrote this post last year after spending the Fall in Paris.
I wrote down trends that I noticed in Paris and predicted they would shop up this Fall in the US. How did I do? The only trend I forgot to mention was velvet. Huge fan and I am glad it is back in so many ways.

There is a 91210 Pop up coming to Chicago. I missed The Saved By The Bell one last year. I was a huge fan of the show when it was on.

My first book cover is out in October! I can’t wait to see it in person. You can preorder it on Amazon. You can shop the print in the print shop here.

book cover.jpg

One word that I haven’t really wrapped my head around is “influencer” I feel there is so much pressure and it is just an odd concept. I plan to write a post about it in the near future. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere wrote a great post covering her thoughts.

I have saved myself two haircuts this year thanks to this product. I am finally going in for my last haircut of the year next month. Chop it or leave it long? I can never decide.

8 Essential Qualities that Define Great Leadership

I love Grace and Frankie and really enjoyed this interview with Jane Fonda with Oprah. I learned so much more about Jane Fonda and find her fascinating.

GQ wrote this great article on how to talk to women in your life right now. This is so important and I am so happy we are getting more open about this.

I have always dreamt of a wedding in Paris or at least an engagement. If you haven’t thought about a wedding in Paris, these 20 photographs will help convince you. I am so proud one of my friends Anastasia had two photos published in this article. 

I am marking this down for croissant research. David Lebovitz says it is his favorite croissant in Paris right now. Has anyone been yet?

The 10 Streets in Paris You Have to Walk Down

A New Foodie Arcade Opened on the Left Bank in Paris. (Thanks, Amy for sending this over) I am marking this down to explore in October.

What I am Loving Now

This hair accessory trend is continuing into Fall and I am all about it!

If you are interested in the blogging world, I highly recommend this book. All of these women are such an inspiration. I am learning about so many new amazing bloggers through this book.

Beauty empties that I love and use on repeat include: My shampoo that is almost gone. I will restock in Paris. I have been on the same bottle since the beginning of the year. This goes to show you how often I really wash my hair. My moisturizer finished without warning this week because it is in a pump. My eye cream is on its last few applications. Is it the full moon to finish all these at the same time? What are some of your favorite beauty products you purchase on repeat?

On the Blog This Week

Sweaters to Get You Ready for Fall

Banana Bread fans? Try this recipe.

How I Run Two Businesses (spoiler alert… it isn’t easy)

10 Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day How many of your favorites made the list?

PS. In case you missed last week’s links I love you can catch up on all the past week’s here.

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  1. Do you use the Klorane conditioner too? I think I’m going to try the shampoo, my hair is in desperate need of a change with better products.

    • Hi! I do use the Klorane conditioner as well. I only condition my hair maybe once a week and use a mask the other day. My hair has totally changed only washing it a few times a week 🙂 It takes a little time to get out of the oil cycle but once you do, it is a game changer!

  2. I’ve been to Bouillion Pigalle and loved it! Really great, traditional (heavy) food in a fun, updated atmosphere. It was loud in a good way. Be prepared to wait in line, but I thought it was worth it, and you can get a great cocktail afterwards at the nearby Glass.

    • Thank you, Beth! I will check it out and your recommendation for Glass. You know everyone! Let’s get coffee when I am back from Paris. Lots to catch up on!