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louvre and tuilleries gardens

This past May will go on record as one of my most stressful months, ever. I look back at college and think all those test, papers and exams all during the same week was nothing compared to this. My hard drive with all of my photos of the last 8 years is not 100%. Hopefully, I was able to pull over what was needed onto Dropbox and I can copy the rest onto a new drive on Monday. No drive is ever fool proof and backups upon backups are essential. This was on top of a very busy month. 

This week will be busy as I prep for my one and only Summer show, Wells Street Art Festival. If you are in Chicago, I will be in booth 221. (hopefully this is my usual spot but I don’t have a map) Stay tuned on Instagram for more details closer to the show on my exact location. The show runs Saturday/Sunday and it is a very FULL two days. 

The largest restaurant in Europe is opening in Paris and you don’t want to miss this one! 

On Eating Alone in Paris via The New York Times

If you are in Paris from May to September, there is a new exhibition of Yves St Laurent. 

A reader shared this site with me where you can watch French Films online for Free. All you need is a library card. I love when readers make suggestions and I can share with the community. Merci! 

Where to See The Sunset in Paris

I got an advanced copy of this book from my friend Ann Mah this week. I am SO excited to dig in. The book goes on sale later this month but you can preorder your copy here. 

Remove Any Stain With This Unexpected French Trick via Food52 (Thank you, Barbara) 

I just finished a bottle of this body wash and I need to replenish immediately. Have you ever tried Molton Brown?

Currently in my shopping cart: these sandals (I swear I need a new pair) these strawberry pajamas are perfect for Summer, the midi skirt is my favorite Summer trend, 

The Paris Locations of Your Favorite Movies via Theater in Paris (Midnight in Paris stairs and La La Land Jazz Club included) 

I have a guilty pleasure of watching skincare videos of Tata Harper on Instagram. I am so excited to try this brand out. I am ready for the famous Tata glow! Is anyone a fan? 

10 Signs You are in a Toxic Relationship

A Day in Paris via Architectural Digest

I loved this post by Grace of The Stripe on letting go of society’s timeline expectations. 

15 French Words that Will Raise Your Crossword Game (via NYT) thanks Kat! 

I am allergic to all metal in my ears but gold, I have some serious earring envy of my friends. I really want a pair of huggies. I have been wearing the same earrings for almost 20 years! Any recommendations are welcome! Last week, a friend mentioned this brand at the wedding and she swears it is good for sensitive ears. 

Dîner en Blanc celebrates 30 years in Paris

My friends at La Cuisine Paris just added a new class and it is all around Tea Time. I will be signing up for my next Paris trip. 

Chanel Brings Grasse to Paris (I am so sad I missed this) Did anyone see it?

My favorite bras are on SALE! They usually only are on discount during Nordstrom Anniversary. 

Six Pieces of Advice from Megan Markle

I bought this for my Mom for Mother’s Day and she loves it! She says it is reducing her under eye bags and she sent me photos. I won’t share here but they are a huge improvement! She requested French skincare, I wonder where she gets it from 😉

6 Food Shopping Mistakes A Nutritionist Wishes Healthy People Would Stop Making

French Girl in Seattle goes to Monoprix (the French version of Target) It is one of my favorite places to shop! 

In His Paris Apartment, Alex Mabille Creates a Singular Universe

The Best Bars in Paris according to The Telegraph

Messy Nessy Chic takes you to The Aligre Market in Paris for French Fast Food

These have been on repeat all week while we had warm weather:


In Case You Missed it On the Blog:

Why I am Taking French Lessons

Mastering The Art of Sleep

New Prints Were Adding to The Paris Print Shop

A Look Inside this Parisian Apartment for Rent

Where to Drink Coffee In Paris

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

wild ophelia giveaway cold brew bites

GIVEAWAY!! I love both chocolate and coffee, I enjoy them both on a daily basis. These Wild Ophelia cold brew bites are the perfect pair of chocolate and coffee together. I have been sharing these a lot on Instagram so I figured I would do a giveaway so I could spread the love of chocolate and coffee! I also love the company because it is all about supporting female entrepreneurs. I am giving away 4 packs (one of each flavor) Each bite is 1/4 the caffeine in a cup of coffee. I enjoy them in the afternoon by my desk. This is only valid for US residents only. 

Simply comment below and tell me your favorite link of the week from this week’s post. Make sure to include your email so I can contact you. Winner will be announced on Wednesday. 

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    • Kim,

      I learned so much from that nutritionist post. I am doing it all wrong with the fish!

      Thank you for reading,

  1. I’m sorry, but the site isn’t letting me log in today. I appreciate the French films link! That’s fabulous!! And I also really like the plug for Ann’s book…I spent an evening knee to knee with her at Shakespeare and Company! She’s wonderful! And I already have her new book pre-ordered.

    [email protected]

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Which site isn’t letting you log in? The blog? It is working on my end. I hope you love the French films link. I was so happy when a reader sent this to me. Ann is amazing, I hope she comes to Chicago for an event! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book.


  2. The Paris Locations of Your Favorite Movies!! Love that! Hope to go back to Paris one day soon so I can go see all of these places!
    Also, love the link for the free French films! Going dig out my library card asap! 🙂 I began watching Amelie on Netflix the other day. Need to finish it! Kind of hard to get into it at first to be honest, because I didn’t know what to expect! But watching these French films is definitely going to help my French!

    [email protected]

    • Hello Jannee,

      I am so happy you like the French Movie Locations and the French Films. It is a great resource and it encourages us all to get library cards! I never got into Amelie but maybe I need to give it another try!


    • It is one of my favorites! I was so excited to see the one on Opéra is opened on Sundays now!

  3. I’d love the chocolates! My fav Starbucks is a mocha iced coffee! Although summer isn’t a good time to mail chocolates to Florida, if there is in fact ever a good time. But we can figure something out. My folks live north of you and they could bring them along in the fall. lol

    My fav link was the best places to watch the sunset. Best places to watch equals best places to photograph. Now I have to look up sunrises!! Thanks so much!
    [email protected]

    • Hi Barbara,

      I am sure we will figure something out for the chocolates 🙂 I am so happy you enjoyed the sunset post. Sunrise in Paris is my favorite. Let me know know if you find a good article.


  4. It’s a tie between the favorite movie locations and the YSL article. I hope to visit some of the movie spots on my trip and one of these days, I’ll get to go to the YSL museum! Fun! Thanks.

    • I believe there is a tour you can take to see some of the movie spots. You might have to google it but I am pretty sure it is out there!