Links I Love Week 16

Paris summer balcony

This week, I wrote The Paris Guide 2024 edition. Thanks to Alyssa, we are ready to launch this coming week! I still have a few last-minute touches to add before it is prepared to launch. Keep your eyes out for teasers about what to expect in the newest guide. You will want your name on the list for a pre-launch code hitting inboxes. 

Links I Love Week 16

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. I am waiting for my croissant post-Passover, which is coming up this week. 

I am lucky to dance with Jen at my dance studio occasionally. She was recently diagnosed with MS and is walking to raise money for the cause. Jen is part of the EDP community and a Francophile. I would love for you to consider donating to support her this Sunday. She will be participating in the Chicago MS walk on April 28th. 

Celine Dion is featured in a beautiful article in French Vogue. Her concert is at the top of my list if she ever returns on tour. 

And I am honored to be doing a photo shoot for Vogue France because although I had better health and beauty at 30, I didn’t get asked to do one then. I am very proud that at 55, I am being asked to reveal my beauty.

Celine Dion

Why the Loire Valley is France’s most exciting wine region 

Along with the launch, I have an enjoyable week in store. I was invited to a preview of the new Anne Hathaway movie that comes out May 2. Also, I am headed to Grand Rapids for a PR event. I would love recommendations if you have antique spots or coffee shops to hit in Michigan. 

My sandals are back in stock. I wore these all over Italy last year. No breaking in, and they traveled so well. I can’t wait to wear them again this summer.

My vase is also back in stock in different colors. I have the ecru color, and it works with every flower. This vase moves around the house with each bouquet.

Tata Harper launched its first-hand cream, and 100% of the profits go toward ending food insecurity. I love this!

Foxtrot and Dom’s Market closed unexpectedly in Chicago this week. If you aren’t familiar with these brands, they are a market and grocery store quickly expanding in the city. It has left us all surprised and scrambling to find new grocery locations. Dom’s took over my favorite Plum Market in Old Town. I have missed it ever since.

Inside Jane Birkin’s Parisian apartments

This bonjour coat rack is too cute! It’s a fun way to Frenchify your entryway. Below are a few other cute finds

Paris is always a good idea, and American it girls knew that even a century ago via Vanity Fair 

We popped by Jayson Home to look for something for our outdoor space. If you don’t know the shop, you are missing out. It is a fabulous home store with French items. They have furniture, tableware items, and books. Paris flea market finds are scattered throughout. I noticed a 15% discount when we were browsing, which lasts through the weekend. It’s an excellent spot for Mother’s Day gifts. They ship and have a great site! Use TAKE15 at checkout.

Getting your money back from airlines for delayed and canceled flights is about to get much easier.

Why you can’t get a restaurant reservation. Has anyone else had trouble?

Paris’s most authentic and delicious bistros and the best dishes they offer

I have been eyeing this set from Frank & Eileen for a bit now. For a look for less option, these J.Crew pants and this linen top are half the price. I want the pants in multiple colors for summer. 

Are croissant trends getting out of control?

I loved the history behind these Italian plates. I want them even more for home.

This week’s best sellers include my favorite $30 hat and an affordable market basket.

Could delaying menopause boost women’s health?

I have been using this nail treatment in between polish changes. It helps keep my nails healthy, and it’s clean!

The very best studio apartment design ideas to help you live large via Elle Decor

8 expert tips for styling surfaces in every room

How to season your food like the French via The New Yorker

We finished Ripley and enjoyed it despite being a bit slow. Baby Reindeer was not my favorite, but I was happy to turn it off before it got worse. I am still searching for something new to watch if you have any favorites.

This linen belted dress in white is perfection.

Teenagers on the greatest gifts their parents have given them. Raising teenagers is not easy. I loved this article and sent it to my sister as my niece enters her preteen years. My sister and brother-in-law are doing a fantastic job raising their kids. 

The new exhibit in Paris examines the restoration of Notre Dame after the fire

Moulin Rouge’s windmill blades fall off in Paris

Paris names new king of crusty baguette in its annual bread baking prize

On the blog:

The best rooftops in Paris

Where to picnic in Paris

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  1. Oh my! I can’t believe you are going to see the new Anne Hathaway movie. If you haven’t read the book I have to warn you that it will be very steamy! The book made “50 Shades of Grey” look like a kiddie novel 😉 I’m sorry to hear about your market closing. It reminds me of the “Fox & Obel” that was in Chicago many years ago and I absolutely loved it! I hope that something new will open up in its place that will bring you joy. Have a wonderful week!

    • Hi Deborah!

      I read the book years ago, I will report back on the movie later this week.

      Fox & Obel feels like ages ago! The little grocery spots around the city were so great to have around. I hope they are replaced with something special! Thank you. xo

  2. Thanks for the great links, Rebecca! I was particularly interested to learn about the “Brilliant Exiles” exhibit and book (via the Vanity Fair article).
    I’ve heard wonderful things about Saugatuck in Michigan, and one of the authors whose books I edited during my publishing career — Julee Rosso, co-author of best-selling “The Silver Palate” cookbooks — owned and ran the lovely Wickwood Inn there until just recently ( ). I hope you and your husband have time to visit and stay there, or at least dine there!