Links I Love Week 15

Links I Love Week 15

I had a very full 10 days in Paris and now I am currently on my way to BVI (British Virgin Islands). This is my surprise birthday trip that I was keeping a secret. After two failed attempts due to COVID restrictions, we are finally on our way. I will be meeting my fiancé who has the second bag I packed before leaving. (you can see what I packed here)  It has warmer clothes for sunshine and the beach. In case you missed it, Paris was filled with a mixture of snow and lots of rain. There was never a dull moment. 

I have lots to fill you in with Paris content once I return to Chicago next weekend. I’ll be with very limited wifi for the next week. I promise Henri is in great hands this week. I miss my best buddy but I know he is very happy where he is. 

Links I Love Week 15 - Everyday Parisian

Links I Love Week 15

Yes, you still need a COVID test to enter the US 

The Art of Friendship: How to Survive Change

I ended up buying a few things at the pharmacie. It all had to go back in my carry-on so I didn’t go too crazy. This concealer was much cheaper at duty-free. It’s the only one I use and I love it. Eye cream from Avène because the one I had in a smaller container went bad. I am also trying this vitamin C cream from Caudalie. Since I am flying to a warmer climate, I could go with a lighter cream for spring. 

A Gentler, Better Way to Change Minds

Ballet flats are back! Marie Claire rounds up 26 different styles to wear. I love my Margaux flats that the other girls on the trip also had. They agreed that they were so comfortable walking all around Paris. 

Effects of climate change on the wine industry

An Ode to Hotel Rooms

The famous Italian restaurant Cecconi’s settles in Paris This is a personal favorite of mine from my travels. It’s also a reason to come back to Paris to check it out. 

I am in love with these Montauk totes for spring/summer 

David Lebovitz wrote a very in-depth post on COVID in France right now. This will help answer your questions.

The most beautiful car-free islands where to spend the summer in France

Katie and I did a photoshoot in this red dress. The location was perfect and the red dress popped. I can’t wait to share the photos on my 40th birthday this week.

14 questions from Carrie Bradshaw that are still relevant

Why France’s daily baguette is costing so much dough 

Sleep is so essential. Here’s What Happens to Your Immune System When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

8 simple ways to update your rental home

These are the biggest trends in travel right now  “The trend that’s taking off isn’t necessarily related to what travelers are doing or where they’re going; it’s more about their mindset. I’m seeing more and more clients living in the present and pulling the trigger on their ‘someday’ trips.” (LOVE this) 

Attending Weddings Abroad, I Was Reminded That a Ceremony Can Be Anything You Choose

Learning the right way to struggle 

In Paris, Château Voltaire Offers Up Timeless Charm—And Delectable Chocolate Mousse

The Gaspard sweater was the MVP of the trip to Paris. I came with two and left with three. It is a great wardrobe staple and so many of the girls on the trip bought one or two as well. 

How long does it take to renew a passport?

I need to update my 5-minute makeup routine for Paris as things changed for spring and travel. I also love playing around with lip twists from Sisley and Supergoop glow screen was a must even on cloudy days. 

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  1. Love your links and posts. How does the Reformation dress fit? Trying to get an idea of sizing. Thanks.

  2. Hi Rebecca, enjoy your trip to BVI. Some of the “links” don’t work, just bring me to general Nordstrom page. Some gremlins at work?