Links I Love: Week 11

paris france by rebecca plotnick

This weekend while most people celebrated St Patrick’s Day, I tried to avoid the craziness as much as possible. Navigating the city of Chicago on one of the busiest drinking days of the year was not so easy. I got my hair colored from the fabulous Demi at Spoke and Weal (it is now the perfect shade of chocolate) and I got my bangs trimmed by Amanda. If any of you have had bangs or have them now, getting your bangs trimmed is the best thing ever. I can officially see again! I have been using the new Sisley Hair Rituel Oil since the party last month and Demi noticed an immediate difference. It smells so good too. I actually get to skip a haircut because my hair is healthy! 

I also booked at trip to Paris for next month for my Birthday. I have no idea where I am staying yet which has me a little nervous but I am sure it will all work out in the end. I would love to explore France a little more. I would love your thoughts on both! 

The Ultimate Guide to Tipping in Europe from Afar

Walk Through The Paris Flea Markets on 1941 via Messy Nessy

Lost in Translation: The Nitty Gritty of Learning France by Haven In

10 Traditional Paris Shops Where You Can Buy A Piece of History

David Lebovitz explores Edwart Chocolatier one of my personal favorites in Paris

Cupcakes and Cashmere celebrates 10 Years of Blogging. When I started this blog, she was a huge inspiration and she continues to be. 

The Secret Spas of Paris from the Wall Street Journal

There is more than just French food in Paris. My friend Preeti is doing an amazing job with her new Youtube Channel. In this video She takes you to an Indian Grocery and one of her favorite spots for lunch. 

I am a huge Jazz fan, when I am not in Paris I stream TSF Jazz which I have gotten my whole family hooked on. This week, I tried The Green Mill in Chicago and it did not disappoint. Has anyone been? 

Givenchy Dies at Age 91. 

5 Tips for Improving your French via The Earful Tower 

The Brand-Influencer Power Struggle. If you are interested what it is like on the other side as an influencer. This is a great read. 

I LOVE these Bioderma Makeup Wipes. I came home a little too late earlier in the week and these made it so much easier to clean my face from makeup before bed. I typically carry these in my travel bag too to refresh after a flight. 

I recently discovered Oat Milk from Oatly when I picked up my coffee from La Columbe. I was skeptical but I am a big oatmeal fan so I tried it. I immediately picked some up at my local grocery store and I have been using it in my coffee. The great part is it still froths in my Nespresso. I compared the nutrients to regular milk and Oatly and the main difference was the sugar content in milk. That is what sold me! Have you tried it?

French Rail Strike. If you are headed to Paris this Spring. You need to look at this list on which days to avoid. 

What Changes in France from March 2018. Some of these might surprise you! 

I have a Birthday coming up in a few weeks and the only thing besides a trip to Paris on my wishlist is this camera. I need to invest. Does anyone else have this one? 

Don’t miss Anthro Days. Everything is 20% off plus FREE Shipping. 

what I am loving.jpg

Two things I am loving and wearing right now. The Sisley Twist in Ballet, I actually wear it to dance class but also on dates. I love the color! I don’t normally wear eyeliner because I am terrible at putting it on but these new eye pencils from Sisley make it pretty oops proof. For my brown eyes, I have been wearing the mystic green. 

66 Things to Do in Paris via Harpers Bazaar

Macaron Day is March 20, if you are in Paris, you can take a cooking class at Galleries Lafayette

J.Crew Has National Stripe Day on March 31st. I will be in Florida with my family which means I will be dressing the kids in stripes. Stripes are a part of my wardrobe. Are you a fan? 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 



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