Book Club : Tasting Paris by Clotilde Dusoulier

This month’s book club book “Tasting Paris” is a little different than the usual selection. It’s a cookbook by author Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini. I really wanted to do a cookbook of the month on top of the normal book club, but I knew I was stretching myself a little thin. In last years survey, there were so many of you who requested more recipes. When I saw Clotilde was doing a new book, I knew it would be a book club book, but I had to read through it before making the final decision. (I do this with all the books) The minute it arrived, I dug in reading the stories and ear marking new recipes to try. 

“Tasting Paris” is a collection of 100 Recipes to Eat Like A Local. Each recipe comes with a little history lesson or significance behind the recipe and is accompanied by the most beautiful photographs taken by Nicole Franzen

The book is divided into Chapters to take you from the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening with recipes for each. When I asked Clotilde which her favorite recipes from the book were, “Let’s see — favorites from the book… It’s like choosing a favorite among one’s babies, but I really like the potato chip omelet (!), the fish beurre blanc, the devilled avocados, and the Nantais cake.” 

I was intrigued by the Radish Leaf Pesto recipe. I don’t eat very many vegetables, but I do love radishes. They are a weekly staple for me from the grocery or market. Until a friend pointed out, I had no idea you could eat the radish leaves. I always felt guilty throwing them away. This recipe is a perfect way to use the leaves. I use radishes in my salad or on avocado toast with lemon and olive oil. 

radish market photo rebecca plotnick

radish pesto and fuisilli

I kept some in the fridge and dug into the leftovers cold, it was SO good. I have a thing for cold pasta or any kind of pasta really. 

pistou de fanes de radis

For the recipe, I used comté and almonds. You have the option to use pine nuts/pistachios and parmesan cheese instead. This is just what I had at home and I wanted it to be simple. You can spread this on toast or I tossed it with some fusilli for dinner last night. It was SO good. I know I will be making this again soon. For the full recipe you can find it in her book “Tasting Paris”

rooibos tea madeleines

I have a been a big fan of madeleines every since I dined at a restaurant in Paris that brought them out warm from the oven and directly from the tray. I love making these at home and I have tried a few different recipes over the years. In “Tasting Paris” there was a recipe that used Earl Grey tea. You can substitute the tea type as a variation. I used Palais des Thès Rooibos. I always pick this one up when I am in Paris. You can purchase it online if you live in the States. They sell a big variety at Nordstrom now and it made me so happy to see this as an option. 

I promised myself I would only eat one of these before shooting them, but it quickly turned to two. Fresh out of the oven and a warm cup of tea on a cold day is the perfect fix. Try it for yourself! 

rooibos tea madeleines

As you read through the book, “Tasting Paris” I can’t wait to see what recipes catch your eye and which ones you decide to try in your own home. This is a perfect way to bring Paris into your every day life. Comment below and share your favorite recipes! If you post on social media, please tag #tastingparis so we can see the recipes. 


I still have a good amount of recipes I want to try from this book including the potato chip omelette and the profiteroles. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research in Paris. Merci! 

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  1. I have made the Ratatouille Pita Sandwiches so far. They were so good! This week on my list is the potato chip and chive omelette. I never expected to find that in a French cookbook, hah!