How To Photograph Paris

Recently, I did my first podcast with The Earful Tower on How to Photograph Paris. There were a lot of searches for images I discussed on the podcast so I thought it was best to put all the tips and photos into one blog post for easy reading.

Here are 5 tips to Photograph Paris

1. Get up early

My favorite time of day to photograph is the early morning when the city is just waking up. It is the best time to capture the city without any people and the light is just magical. I love the warm soft light when the sun starts to rise.

If you aren’t a fan of waking up early. My second favorite time to capture Paris is sunset and the Blue Hour. My favorite bridge Pont Alexandre III at sunset.


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Photo by Katie Donnelly

I have been shooting with a Canon DSLR for years! I love it but it kills my back since I also carry so many lenses. I recently purchased a tiny Fuji and it has been so fun shooting with this and being able to throw it in my bag. It is small but powerful. I shoot RAW because I sell my photographs.


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Walking The Streets of Paris

Photographed by Everyday Parisian

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