Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

gift ideas for your Valentine rebecca plotnick

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it is my second favorite holiday behind Christmas. It is the one thing that gets me through the hibernation and grey days of January. My love for the colors pink and red and all things with hearts can be celebrated on just about every single thing. I have been single for most Valentine’s Days so it really has nothing to do with the romance of the holiday. One of my favorite Valentine’s Days I can remember was celebrating in Paris with people I met that day. I think it is all of what you make of it.

This Valentine’s Day, I am sending packages to Emma, Martiene (from my Paris family), my Aunt, and some of my best friends. I wanted to celebrate our friendship and for the kids it is fun to spoil them with a surprise package. I think Emma will be my forever Valentine.

For those of you looking to celebrate a friend, sister, or significant other. I put together a few gift ideas. If you have favorite Valentine’s Day traditions feel free to share them below. xo

  1. Amour Tank by PJ Salvage $40

  2. You have to have a red lip on Valentine’s Day. I love the Sisley Burgundy color. It has become my signature color.

3. For the girl that loves everything PINK. This new Longchamp style is a great pop of color year round.

4. These heart socks are $14 and great for all ages.

5. Bisou Stationary on SALE for $14.95. Who doesn’t love a hand written note? I still write them.

6. XO Fleece Sweatshirt. I have an XO necklace that I love and I wouldn’t mind adding this to my wardrobe.

7. J’adore Stripped Pocket Sweater $80

8. Limited Edition Diptyque Rose Candle $72. I have been burning this at home and I love it.

9. Heart Print Tee $88 Great layering piece until the weather turns.

This post does include affiliate links which help contribute to my coffee and croissant research. merci! xo

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