10 Prints to Gift for Valentine’s Day

paris red balloons paris france by rebecca plotnick

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, do you celebrate? Single or not, I decided that Emma would be my Valentine this year. Emma’s package has been sitting next to my window as the pile grows gradually. I need to get it out to her this week. I sent out a package to Martiene from my Paris family and I have a few more friends that will get surprise Valentine’s.

If you have a friend or loved one that enjoys Paris, here are 10 prints to gift for Valentine’s Day. It was hard to narrow down just 10 but you can always browse the whole collection on the site here.

Love Mural

I was first introduced to The Love Mural back in 2010 by a friend who showed me around Montmartre. I took a photo of the wall not thinking much of it. I came home and put the photo in my print shop and immediately it started selling. It had a huge part in sending me back to Paris the next year financially. The wall hasn’t brought me love just yet, but I will keep visiting until it does. You can find this outside the Abbesses metro.

i love you from around the world

Paris Love Locks

I photographed this back in 2013. The lock trend was peaking and people were looking for anywhere and everywhere to put a lock. The tradition is that you put a lock on the bridge with a loved one, the key is thrown into the water and your love is locked forever. The city got overrun with locks and the weight of the bridge was too much to handle. They eventually clipped off all the locks and replaced the locks with glass. For whatever reason, someone decided to spray paint the locks on the bridge during 2013 and it turned out this way. It was a fun and unique capture. This has been a best seller for me at shows over the years.

lock locks on the bridge in paris, france rebecca plotnick

Sunset in Montmartre

In Winter, you can see the rooftops in Paris better because the trees are bare. I love this view of sunset in Montmartre.

sunset in montmartre paris, france by rebecca plotnick

Lovers in a Paris café

I captured this at my favorite café in the Marais. I loved seeing these two through the window. I just missed them kiss but I still like them side by side through the window.

everyday parisian paris in love rebecca plotnick

Eiffel Tower room with a view

This is one of my favorite images because it happened almost by accident. A friend and I were walking through her neighborhood when I spotted an oval window up in the sky. It looked like this hotel had the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. We went in and asked if we could see a room on a whim. The front desk typed at their computer and a few minutes later we were in the elevator on the way to the top. We had about 5 minutes in the room and the day was a typical Parisian grey day but this view made everything brighter.

eiffel tower room with a view paris, france by rebecca plotnick

Eiffel Tower Cherry Blossoms

It snowed the day after I shot this photograph. I visited friends staying in an apartment nearby so I took a walk to the Champs de Mars. I was living in Montmartre at the time and I wasn’t over by the Eiffel Tower very often. I was so happy to see these pink blossoms in front of the Eiffel Tower. This image has been one of my best sellers since 2013.

cherry blossoms eiffel tower paris, france by rebecca plotnick

Sunday Stroll on the Seine

For the book lover, Sunday Stroll on the Seine. I photographed this last October and it quickly became a best seller. I love the light in this image.

sunday stroll on the seine paris, france by rebecca plotnick

Montmartre Balcony Window

This was my Paris Balcony when I lived in Montmartre. There is something so simple, romantic, and beautiful about this image.

montmartre balcony window paris, france rebecca plotnick

Parisian Bedroom Scene

My view at Adèle and Jules last Winter. I loved waking up to this view.

parisian bedroom scene paris, france rebecca plotnick

Afternoon Light in the Paris Apartment

This has been one of my favorite images from the day I shot it. It holds so many special memories from time in Paris with my Paris Family. There was so much joy, laughter, and love that filled the room. You can see it in the light in the photo.

afternoon light in the paris apartment rebecca plotnick

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you all for your support with The Print Shop

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