7 Ways to Transition Your Home for Fall

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons. While I enjoy the summer months, there is something about the crisp leaves under my feet, sweater weather, cozy nights at home, and the excitement of changing a new season. Chicago has a very limited time for fall, and we typically switch over from warm to cold quickly. We have a few weeks of sweater weather with no coats. The end of summer is the perfect time to transition your fall decor for the new season.

7 Ways to Transition Your Home for Fall

In today’s post, I wanted to share some simple tips to transition your home for the fall months with new fall decor. These are simple and easy ways to elevate your space to make it extra cozy this season.

Light a Candle

diptyque candle fall decor

Add a candle to your home for relaxing nights at home. I love transitioning the workday to the evening by lighting a candle. This is an easy way to bring fall vibes into your home decor and make the space more inviting. I always keep a bowl of matches from our travels and a candle on our coffee table and mantle. With the changing season, I bring out fall-scented candles. Try a new fragrance, or stick with a favorite. I love Kerzon candles, a French brand. A different part of Paris inspires each of the candles. I also love Diptyque and burn them often. This candle from Diptyque smells like firewood called Feu de Bois and smells like cinnamon. There is also a eucalyptus candle from Diptyque that sounds heavenly. 

transition your home with fall decor

Ways to Transition Your Home for Fall: Restock Your Tea cabinet

tea and cookies on a table for candle for transition your home for fall

I love starting the day with a hot cup of tea when the weather shifts to colder mornings with the fall weather. I have a good tea stash at home and look forward to stocking up this October at Mariage Frères in Paris. I love to have something sweet in the afternoon. I love baking madeleines or banana bread to have on hand. A tea break in the afternoon is a perfect way to keep me going until the early evening. Henri loves it when he gets to join in on the sweet treat. I use this Degrenne teapot every morning, which I love. It can be popped in the dishwasher at the end of the night for easy cleanup.

teapot Degrenne and madeleines for fall

7 Ways to Transition Your Home for Fall: Fall Flowers

Eucalyptus or Hydrangeas plants to transition your home for fall

I love buying fresh eucalyptus at the market. The eucalyptus will start to pop up at the market and even at Trader Joe’s during late summer or the beginning of fall. It is inexpensive, and the smell is heavenly. It fills a whole room. This is one of the first things I look for as the season changes to fall. Hydrangeas this time of year are different than summer ones and can be dried when they are finished for a fall floral statement. You can also pick up cinnamon-scented pinecones and put them in a decorative bowl. 

Place pumpkins or other fall produce, such as apples or pomegranates, in a wooden bowl on your kitchen counter. We got this wooden tray for a wedding gift that I sit on our kitchen counter and rotate what is on display. Bring the natural elements of nature into your home with fall touches. You can decorate your front door with fall foliage or a wreath for an inviting entry. If you have a front porch, add orange and white pumpkins for a pop of color. 

Fall Food Favorites

apple cake fall recipe

I have a lot of recipes for the fall waiting to be made once early fall begins. Apples fill our local farmer’s market in Chicago. I would love to go apple picking, but a farmer’s market is also great. This fall apple cake has been a reader favorite for years. I can’t wait to make it again this year, and I have been stockpiling my favorite apples.  Other fall favorite recipes include Gougères and French Onion Soup.

Throw Blankets for Fall

living room with sofa and framed photos

Cozy throw blankets are a simple change to warm up your space. I love to snuggle up with a blanket on the couch with a good book or movie. I invested in a Boll and Branch throw. We have cozy throws on each sofa for Sunday naps, which have become a tradition with Henri in the house, especially with the cooler weather. Update the accent color on your throw pillows to bring in fall colors. 

Fall brings cold temperatures, and an extra layer will keep you warm. I love this waffle blanket from Boll and Branch. I have it in the Shore color. In the Summer, I leave it at the end of the bed for naps. In the Fall/Winter, I add it to my bed as an extra layer of warmth. Plus, the texture is so great. 

Add an extra layer to your Bed

bed and side table

Turkish Rugs

Parisian fall decor update your space

We warmed our home with incredible Turkish rugs in the hallways and our bedroom. It’s so excellent to have the rugs under our feet to keep warm once the cold weather hits. I found a great shop on Etsy selling Turkish rugs here. When looking for a Turkish rug it all depends on inventory. 

You can add a fresh coat of paint to the walls to change your entire space. A new color is an inexpensive way to update the look of a room. We love the Homburg Grey color, which looks more green than grey and has warmed up the living room. Recently, we added some furniture with warm tones to complete the space. 

Update your wall art in your home, I love bringing photos from my travels into different rooms. As a photographer, it is one of my favorite ways to see my art on display in different places. Update your bathroom art or entry piece. You can purchase something from The Print Shop or print and frame one of your pieces. There are a lot of great fall Paris prints available here. 

Through this post, I hope you have discovered some subtle changes to help the transition for the upcoming fall season. Do you have a favorite way to welcome Fall? Comment below and share your ideas.

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  1. First of all, I want to say Merci for your newsletter. I love everything about it, fashion, delicious recipes, Italy and Paris, obviously. I am French, and I was really amazed about you asking to teachers what they really need or wish in the classroom. Likewise, I was a French Immersion teacher in Canada the last 25 years, so I found it kind and thoughtful of you. Keep up the great work!
    (Sorry for my English)

  2. I love getting my house ready for fall, too! Thanks for all the tips. Also, I love the gold floor lamp with white shade by the fireplace in the second picture from the top. Do you know where it’s from? Thanks!

  3. We just added some “fall-ish” prints of yours to our bar area walls.

    Now am going to find some eucalyptus. Always reminds me of my time in San Francisco.

  4. I change my home decor. I collect antique English and early American plates, pitchers and platters. In the summer, I accent rooms with blue and white Torquay pottery and white ironstone. In the fall, I bring out brown and white transferware, deep brown jugs and fall leaf Majolica. Flowers go from fresh to dried, candles from floral or citrus to woody. Coffee table books change from Gardening to cabins and dogs lol

  5. I love & enjoy so many of these! I also feel like my music playlists change and I crave movies on my fall movie list (You’ve Got Mail, Dan in Real Life, etc.)!