5 of the Best Paris Parks

Paris parks to discover Palais Royal

5 of the Best Paris Parks

Paris is filled with Haussmann buildings with shades of blue and grey. Discovering the parks in central Paris is a great way to find a bit of nature in the city. Use this to break up the museums, cafés, and sightseeing. The Parisian parks offer some great options for kids, including playgrounds, carousels, and other fun outdoor activities. Below are my favorite Paris parks and gardens of Paris to visit.

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Paris Parks: Jardin Du Luxembourg

Paris boats in Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens, also known as Jardin du Luxembourg in French, is one of the best parks in Paris. Located on the Left Bank, the space is filled with tennis courts, fountains, and areas for kids to run around and play. This is the perfect place for kids to burn off a little steam in the afternoon.

Paris Luxembourg Gardens 5 Best Paris Parks everyday parisian

On warm spring and summer days, you can rent tiny wooden boats that can be pushed across the pond with wooden sticks for an hour. Kids love this activity, and you can sit in the green chairs and watch while they play or assist them by catching the boat on the other side of the pond. Luxembourg Palace makes for an excellent backdrop for a Parisian afternoon.

boats in Luxembourg gardens Paris

You can even spot the Eiffel Tower in the distance from Luxembourg Gardens if you look. It’s pretty incredible to know you are right in the heart of the city, getting the best of both worlds.

The Best Paris Parks: Parc Monceau

parc monceau Paris gates

Parc Monceau is located in the 8th arrondissement and a bit off the beaten path for Paris parks. It doesn’t have the same draw as the other Parisian parks, but it is worth a visit. The building architecture that surrounds the garden is beautiful. In the spring, you will see magnolia trees in bloom and cherry blossom pops of pink. There is tons of green space in the center of the city. Kids from surrounding schools use this as their playground.

People of all ages enjoy afternoon strolls and lots of picnics during lunchtime. Grab a sandwich from a nearby boulangerie and enjoy an afternoon of people-watching.

There is an excellent view of the Arc de Triomphe from the park that you shouldn’t miss.

Parc Monceau Arc de Triomphe Paris view

Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes is the perfect spot to see Paris in bloom. While the area may be overlooked at other times of the year for its location compared to other closer parks, it puts on a show with giant cherry blossom trees. Clouds of white and pink will explode around Jardin des Plantes for two weeks out of the year in spring.

I recommend this spot for families because there is the Natural History Museum nearby along with a small zoo inside the park. It makes for a great afternoon with kids in Paris.

Tuileries Gardens

Tuileries Gardens, also known as Jardin des Tuileries, is one of the most famous gardens in the center of the city in the 1st arrondissement. It is located just outside The Louvre and runs to Place de la Concorde along the river Seine. To arrive at The Tuileries Garden, you can walk or take the metro line to Tuileries which will drop you right outside the park. It is one of the most beautiful parks, with fountains and statues. Runners enjoy the garden throughout the day.

Grab a baguette sandwich or coffee nearby at Café Kitsuné and sit in the green chairs surrounding the fountains. The interior gardens are beautiful throughout the year and change with the seasons.

tuileries garden in bloom spring paris

You will see magnolia trees in bloom in early spring, along with colorful flowers. In the summer, there is a Ferris wheel and an amusement park in the center of Paris just inside the garden. From the end of summer towards early fall, you will find dahlias of all colors in bloom against the grey Louvre and a pop of green chairs. In Winter, the garden is bare but gets a jolt of energy towards the end of November with the Christmas market, including the Ferris wheel and lots of festive holiday vendors.

Tuileries magnolia trees in bloom Paris park

Palais Royal

Palais Royal garden Paris everyday parisian The 5 best Paris parks

Palais Royal will always hold a particular spot in my heart for several reasons. I lived on a quiet side street not too far away and walked through Palais Royal daily. It is architecturally stunning through the arcade, and I love seeing the seasons change in the park. The trees are perfectly groomed in the summer months, and this is where to spot the first signs of spring with the magnolia trees in bloom.

Palais Royal garden at dusk everyday parisian
Palais Royal Paris garden Fall in the rain

Palais Royal is an excellent place for an afternoon stroll, coffee in the morning, and a Parisian picnic. Dogs are allowed in designated parts of Paris parks, and I have seen a good amount strolling through the gardens here. Henri would love it! It isn’t as crowded as the nearby Tuileries gardens. It is one of the most romantic gardens in Paris, where I was engaged.

palais royal garden in Paris France everyday parisian

Hidden Gem Paris Parks to Discover

Some well-known larger Paris parks are mentioned in this post, but a few smaller ones to add to your list include the best places to spot cherry blossoms in the spring and people-watch in the city of light.

Jardin Anne-Frank in the Marais is a gem of a spot to see Paris in bloom in the spring. It truly is magical when the city is in full bloom. Take little ones here to enjoy the playground after a long day.

Place des Vosges Paris

I also love Place des Vosges nearby, which is tucked away on the border of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. There are more trees than flowers in this garden in central Paris, but one not to be missed. Grab a picnic here or an outdoor spot at the famous Carette for people-watching. Sandboxes will entertain little ones for an afternoon while you soak up the sun in the spring and summer months.

Promenade Plantée

Promenade Plantée is off the beaten track in the 12th arrondissement and is a beautiful footpath through a public garden. It was once a former railway line which will help identify its location in the city based on the architecture beneath it. The rose garden in the summer is a beautiful destination to explore if you have time.

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  1. Thanks for all of the great information. I also love the Parc Anne-Frank it is especially lovely in the spring. One thing you didn’t mention – it is dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank and her journal of life in hiding during WWII. There is a chestnut tree in the park grown from a graft of the tree in Amsterdam that Anne could see from the window of her room while in hiding.

  2. Have you been to Parc des Buttes Chaumont. It is huge, built by order of Napolean III in 1867, it is a huge & beautiful parc used mostly by Parisians. I had asked a shopkeeper in Canal St. Martin “if you could suggest only one thing for me to see in Paris, what would it be?” & without hesitation she said Buttes Chaumont. It is more than worth the trip & be sure to see The Temple of Sybil and the guingette, Rosa Bonheur while in the parc.