Links I Love Week 8

romantic rooftops of Montmartre

This week was exciting for the fact that I finally got a haircut after about six months. For obvious reasons, I haven’t been to the salon and my anxiety is high. The salon gave me a private area and I was in and out fairly quickly. (I will share a photo on Tuesday!) We had snow most of the week but finally had a bit of a sunshine break. Henri went for his second walk and now is snuggled up next to me napping.

In Print Shop News, I added a requested feature. You can now save your favorites to a Wish List. ❤️ You can email them to friends and family to send them a hint there is something on your Wish List or just for you to circle back to at a later time. I am working with my friend Rachelle to give The Print Shop a facelift this year so stay tuned for more details.

In a gray, empty Paris, this corner shop’s colorful posters transport you wherever you want to go

Tips on How to be a Polite Guest in a French Home

The best trip for any age. I am turning 40 in a few years and this is an inspiration to plan something fun to remember this milestone birthday.

I updated my Home Edits on the blog. If you are looking for home inspiration, this is a great place to start.

How to make Ikea furniture look custom-made.

Texas needs us, this is how we can help.

Monet’s Giverny Blooms Anew in Florida

My Madewell Transport Tote is on sale. I bought this when I first moved back to Chicago in 2015, I have just brought it back to literally transport things with Henri when we go out. Since I don’t need a wallet with me because of Apple Pay, I am not worried about it not being zipped at the top.

How to ask your partner/friend to spend less time on their phone.

Henri destroyed his first stuffed animal. I left him home alone a little too long.. Lesson learned and I will be ordering a few more of these.

A Quite Possibly Wonderful Summer. The idea of this and seeing my family again brings me to tears.

How to celebrate yourself, yes even now!

This is the Masterclass on sleep I have been taking which has really opened my eyes to the importance of sleep.

Anthropologie is 40% off Spring styles for a limited time. The colors make me so happy.

J. Crew is 50% off new arrivals using code Flash and 40% on just about everything else. This is a great time to grab Spring clothes for warmer weather.

This past week, I got to cook with Dorie Greenspan virtually. I am a huge fan and it was fun to see her walk through her cooking baking skills. I immediately bought a pastry scraper to perfect my Auntie cookie skills. She has a new book coming out in October. It is on my birthday wish list. You can preorder it here.

A classic Paris rental apartment filled with custom pieces and vintage finds

Six Ways Social Media Affects our Mental Health

I am always talking about one of my favorite brands Sezane. Their sizing is a bit different and it is hard to know what size you are if this is your first purchase. I created a sizing guide based on what I have bought and how things run here.

I have been wanting a new robe for almost a year. Since Henri didn’t get me one for Valentine’s Day, I bought this one from Parachute Home. I loved the reviews I heard from readers on their products and I am excited to try this one out.

Baguettes, a wine festival, and Paris rooftops vie for a spot on the UNESCO heritage list

A reader sent in these fun online classes that are free! French Bistro culture explained. Learn the secrets of hidden Paris or see the city at night. I have not taken any of the classes or do I get any kickback. I am sharing to support another reader.

How to Navigate a French Market (bookmark for your next trip)

What to Buy at E. Dehlliron according to Bon Appetit

I am totally on board with The Nap Dress trend and love this one in blue. I can not wait for warmer weather again. On my birthday wish list.

I have really enjoyed the start of Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy on CNN. The first episode took place in Naples and Amalfi which is where I have a trip booked for in July if the world is open. It is great for virtual travel and was filmed last year during the Pandemic.

My friend Meghan shares The Best Croissants of NYC (now I need to get back ASAP for research)!

These aren’t sweatpants, they’re joggers. (via The New Yorker) made me laugh

France on the hunt for centuries-old oaks to rebuild spire of Notre Dame

I joined Daily Harvest about a month ago and I really enjoyed this podcast on Second Life about the founder.

I really would love to read more. As I wind down for the night, I plan on making it more of my routine. I have three books on my nightstand that are WWII France-based. Grace from The Stripe wrote a piece on How to Read More which inspired me.

I made this whole wheat, lemon, basil pasta with shrimp instead of salmon over the weekend and it was so flavorful and delicious. I am adding it to my Master List here

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  1. Bonjour!

    I just recently found your blog an am enjoying it so much. Like you, I adore France and have had the opportunity to stay for long periods with French friends who live about 30 minutes by train from Paris. I especially like your sources for French products.
    Looking forward to reading many more interesting posts….

  2. I’m a new follower and LOVE your blog. Finding ways to Frenchify my life is really helping me cope and brings me joy during the pandemic (and I only have been to Paris once, for the first time a few years ago with my then-81-year-old mother — it was life-changing and I can’t wait to go back). I use one of your Paris Zoom backgrounds and get compliments from colleagues all the time. This week you mentioned you are reading three books about WWII Paris. Is one of them "The Paris Seamstress"? If not, I highly recommend it. Read about it here:

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! What a special memory to have of your mom in Paris. I do not own "The Paris Seamstress" but I just added it to my cart. I am going to make my way through these next couple of books and I will check it out. I really appreciate the recommendation.

      Keep in touch! xo

  3. Love Love Love everything you do! You have the ability to make the “blah” into “tadah”! You have a wonderful creative spirit! Keep up your amazing work!
    Maryxo ❤️🎉