Links I Love Week 26

Good news, the Eiffel Tower officially reopened this week! The bad news, due to Coronavirus cases in the US, we are not allowed to travel to Paris as of now. I knew this from articles I read this week but after watching the report on the evening news I teared up. This has been SO hard not knowing when I will go back and even harder since it is my full-time job being a Paris photographer and Paris blogger. I am very lucky to have had the creativity to pivot with The Frenchify Series but I really just want to be back in Paris.

17 Easy French Recipes to Eat Like the French on Bastille Day

Rooftops to Rediscover this Summer in Paris

I love this vote tote from Clare V. I ordered one and 10% of sales go to When We All Vote


The Superhero Within (My favorite read of the week) My sister wrote this article and I couldn’t be more proud.

Watch this French chef back crème caramel with his Grandmother in this Youtube video hosted by Paris Vogue in French

You will want an emerald kitchen after seeing this renovation

For an impromptu picnic, I always have a Turkish towel in my bag. This one has been a hit with readers and comes in a variety of colors from Etsy.

Dining Maskless at Alain Ducasse’s iconic Paris bistro Allard

Eiffel Tower Reopens in Paris after a 3 month shut down

68 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Right Now

The pajamas that I have been living in the last 3 months are half off right now. My mom and sister have matching ones from their Christmas gift.

Sisley Paris sent me this new oil makeup remover and it came in handy after an onion 🧅 won in a kitchen match. I had mascara streaming down my face pretty well. This cleanser had my mascara off in seconds!

This lemon-lime basil tarte sounds incredible!

Shop Chicago Local with this adorable stationery store which an available online store. I first discovered it on Wells on my walks and they moved to Webster a few years ago.

The French Girl Summer Shoe you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP!

Masks, Fines, and No Kissing, no France is not back to normal

Parisians to Elect a New Mayor on Sunday

When the Louvre Reopens, It Is Going to Be Quiet

I had a few requests for my Daily Routine in Quarantine

I loved this NPR How I Built This episode with the founder of Duolingo

Second Paris school closes after new Coronavirus Cases

What it is like to visit Paris post lockdown

How to Frenchify Your Summer at home 

This week, I ordered olive oil from my friends in Capri. I had been planning on visiting them this Summer but due to Coronavirus, it will be postponed. They have the most amazing olive oil and I love supporting a small business.

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