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Dear Friends,

I can’t even wrap my head around the news and all that has changed from last week’s email. I have been reading the news nonstop and I put together a list of resources as they came in on the blog. The bars and restaurants have closed in Chicago and we are in a holding pattern. I made multiple runs to the grocery store and I am well stocked. I am still healthy and I hope that you and your family are too. I continue to text, FaceTime, and call friends and family to check in on everyone. I spent a quiet Sunday at home social distancing and then it hit me… My eyes filled with tears and I broke down crying. I can’t even begin to digest everything that is happening and I am worried about my small business. We have no idea the financial impact this will have on everyone in the world.  

People aren’t planning trips to Paris as hotels and restaurants are closed and flights are restricted for an extended period of time. 

Right now, I am craving comfort and I know so many of you are as well. When I asked my audience on Instagram what they were reading, watching, and cooking it was all the classics. From Friends, Sex and The City, Audrey Hepburn movies, and an overwhelming amount of people baking banana bread. (me included) I put together a list of French Comfort Food recipes to make at home home. 

Last week, I shared a walk through Palais Royal one of my favorite places in Paris. I wanted to bring Paris home to you and bring a smile on your face. Paris brings me joy and I assume that is one of the reasons you are here as well. I would love suggestions on where to take you next virtually in Paris. Should I start with Luxembourg Gardens or The Marais? 

Thank you for being here and reading the blog. I hope my images of Paris can bring you comfort and joy as we navigate this next chapter together. 

xo Rebecca

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