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This weekend has been a slow one which I have really enjoyed more than I thought I would. We had a snow storm of about 5 inches in Chicago which put me into hibernation mode. I cleaned up a bit at home and applied a little Marie Kondo and got rid of so many things that I felt I didn’t need and served no purpose except for collecting dust. I say this every year but, I really wish I owned about half of what I currently do. My French teacher Caroline is safely in Toulouse to start her new job on Monday. I met up with her husband Anthony for lunch and a French chat.

I was trying to savor every episode but I finally finished Mrs. Maisel last night. It is my favorite show right now besides This is Us. I am so happy they renewed it for another season and they start shooting this Summer. I just don’t want to wait so long for another season. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it.

100 Pinterest trends for 2019. These are SO good. It is a deep read but fun. If you are on Pinterest, you can follow me here.

Dating in France. 3 Things You Should Know. It is safe to say, I have left a few “boyfriends” in Paris without knowing this was actually a thing. Caroline, my French teacher and I would often talk about the differences between dating in the US and France. She never understood why we had to dance around “the talk” if you were together. If you kiss, then you are together.

This video has gone viral for a good reason. I have watched it a few times and it makes me smile. I love this girl’s energy but also the support from everyone around her.

What Macron wrote in a letter to the French people

“My French Film Festival” starts 1/18. This is an online French Film Festival of French and subtitles are available in 11 different languages.

9 Foolproof French Recipes to Make For Brunch

I have been listening to this soundtrack on repeat. I have only seen the movie once but I will have to rewatch after getting hooked on the music.

This sweater is perfect for Valentine’s Day or just someone like me who loves hearts. It’s 40% off.

Le Creuset just dropped three new colors and I love the sea salt. I don’t own any yet, but this is on my list for 2019.

le creuset sea salt new color sur la table

Tasting Wine Stimulates Your Brain More than Math

Famous Itineraries: Simone de Beauvoir in Paris (this is a very fun read!)

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Beat the Winter Blues in Chicago with 5 spots to give you a dose of Vitamin D

Nespresso is on major sale right now. 63% off. Making coffee at home saves me so much money than the usual $5 coffee out. This was originally a gift from my sister and I use it daily.

The 10 best things to change your sleep in 2019. I have tested a few of these and agree. This is a great resource if you are having trouble sleeping.

I made this simple French onion soup recipe over the weekend.
It uses chicken stock and white wine instead of beef broth and red wine.

bonjour sweatshirt

I bought this for my 5 year old niece Emma for her Valentine’s Day Package. I wish it came in my size!

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Finding a Community in Paris
and I created something for all of you readers on how to connect with other Francophiles in Paris or your own city here.

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