The Paris Diaries Spring March Day 2

The day started with a coffee and croissant run. I wanted to explore more of the neighborhood before the rest of the city woke up.

The apple blossoms were in bloom outside of the Eiffel Tower. It was rainy, wet and cold but I was still happy to see the pops of pink. I remember the first time I saw these back in 2013, my hands were freezing while I shot my best selling photo. It snowed the next day.

I had plans to meet my friend Katie Donnelly for lunch close to her studio. It wasn’t a crazy long walk, maybe 40 minutes but it ended up being longer due to photo opportunities on the way and I passed right by Coutume and picked up a coffee for takeaway. I ran into a few friends and we quickly caught up while they made my order.

They have a few locations of Coutume in Paris and they have oat milk (a personal favorite) For my full list of coffee spots in Paris you can check out this post.

the paris diaries spring march day 2

I met Katie and her husband Pyk at their new photography studio on the Left Bank. Katie was pregnant at the time so I let her choose the restaurant. She chose Cook’n Saj which is Lebanese. It was my first time eating Lebonese food, I enjoyed and it is a great option for lunch tucked about off St Germain de Prés.

After lunch, I continued my walk on the Left Bank. You may remember this square from my walk with Corey Frye last January. I shot a similar photo but I have wanting to see what the flower shop looks like at other times of the year.

I rarely walk by Saint Sulpice but I followed what caught my eye and saw the church illuminated by the afternoon light.

The afternoon rush on The Left Bank.

This building caught my eye and I had major balcony envy. Can you imagine the view from the top?

the paris diaries spring march everyday parisian

I had plans in the evening for a private tour of Notre Dame with Secret Journeys so I walked towards Ile St Louis for a glass of wine at St Regis. This is one of my favorite spots to watch the sunset with this view. Just look at that light hitting Ile de la Cité.

the paris diaries spring march everyday parisian

the paris diaries everyday parisian spring notre dame

After my tour of Notre Dame, I headed back on the RER with my friend Leah back to the Left Bank. Just a note, be careful where you put your metro tickets in your bag as they can get deactivated due to credit cards and other things. We had 8 deactivated metro tickets and found ourselves stuck getting out of the RER. You need the valid ticket to exit. We had to ask for help. It was a funny but real moment that happened that had us laughing for a good while.

I was starving for dinner and craving Italian. Yes, not all days are spent eating French cuisine. I probably crave Italian more than anything when I am in Paris. I figure you are much closer to Italy in France than the US. I had a reader recommend an amazing Italian restaurant that I just couldn’t get into. I tried twice and for one person at 9 pm they were completely full. It makes me want to try it even more.

Coffee: Coutume

Lunch: Cook n’ Saj

Drinks: St Regis Café

Dinner: Giovani’s

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