The Paris Diaries Spring Day 2

I have to say, The Paris Diaries are so fun to write because I can share all that happened while I was unplugged. I love to explore the little streets of Paris and discover new spots. I met my friend Katie Donnelly early in the morning on Sunday. She came to the hotel and then we walked to Coutume for coffee and breakfast. I knew that I was scheduled to experience Brunch at the hotel later so I ordered porridge.

paris coutume coffee

I hadn’t spent much time over this way so as we walked by I knew I wanted spend more time exploring. I dropped Katie off at her office for a meeting and walked back to the hotel. 

paris metro left bank

I walked past La Grand Epicerie which is typically closed on Sundays but I guess now they are open. I knew I wouldn’t be back this way so I decided to stop in. If you have been following me on Instagram you know I just recently confessed I have a thing for grocery stores. This is the biggest and best one in Paris. They have a water room and look at the eggs. If you have a chance you should stop by and see this place! 

la grande epicerie paris france

paris left bank Sunday

The weather was starting to warm up at this point and the grass around Paris was quickly filling with people picnicking. I headed back to the hotel but realized I wasn’t terribly hungry which is shocking since I am always hungry. I took a walk around the area a bit before going in for Brunch. The Brunch at Le Cinq Codet was far more than I imagined and I am so happy I waited. 

le cinq codet paris france

I had a few different courses at Brunch. I will make sure to share the full details on this in a future post. I was still miserable with my cough so I looked up an open Pharmacie on The Left Bank. This is close to impossible on a Sunday. I found one which turned out to be an all natural Pharmacie but I did pick up some medicine which helped a little. The shop was beautiful! 

paris pharmacie

There was one thing I was still missing and forgot to pack. My lips were so dry and I literally carry this Caudalie lip balm in every bag of mine and I couldn’t find one! Since the Pharmacie was all natural they didn’t have what I needed but I finally found one on my walk. I made sure to buy a pack of three so I didn’t run out. 

I found this guy walking around Rue Cler. I didn’t need to walk down this street but his market basket was so cute, I walked behind him to see where he was going. 

market basket paris france

I walked back to the Hotel to relax for a bit and I passed by an old car show since it was one of the first warm days of the year. 

paris france left bank

I met up with my friend Magali for dinner. We chose an area that was in between us both since we were on opposite sides of Paris. We met on my old street in Paris for Udon.

paris france udon

paris france rue villedo

I took the metro back to the Left Bank for my last night at the hotel. There was more chocolate waiting for me and I had work to catch up on. I made sure to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle as much as possible before going to to bed. 

A few things I always carry with me when in Paris. My favorite bag is this one which has a top zipper essential for keeping things safe when navigating the city. Always a notepad since I still believe in writing everything down on paper. Lip balm, pens, and of course my camera. 

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