Paris Diaries Spring : A Weekend in Paris

a weekend in Paris

There are a few things I haven’t done in Paris, I am still waiting for a rainy day that takes me to a movie theater for an afternoon and I have never slept in while in Paris. (shocking I know) I am an early riser and I also shoot all of my photos in natural light. Mornings in Paris are my favorite when the city is quiet and empty and the light is golden.


I arrived in Paris in March on a Friday morning which meant I had a whole weekend ahead of me to fight jet lag. One of my goals this year was to really slow down so I don’t get burnt out. So I decided to take the weekend to enjoy with friends and put down the camera.

I had a meeting as soon as I landed with Paris Perfect. Leah had a croissant waiting for me and we were able to walk to Bleu Olive a nearby coffee shop for a cappuccino.

bleu olive coffee shop paris france

After shooting video and photos of a Paris Perfect Rentals apartment, I headed back to my apartment for the week to get settled in. I unpacked and took a walk to nearby Rue Cler to pick up wine, bread and cheese and a few groceries.

the paris diaries everyday parisian

the paris diaries spring everyday parisian

I was very happy to find a 30 month comté at the Fromagerie. When it comes to comté, I prefer the older ones because they have more flavor. They will typically ask you if you prefer young or old. The younger one will be a lot cheaper, but spend the extra money to get the older one.

Between traveling and adjusting to life back in Paris, I completely missed lunch on the first day and I was starving by the time I got back to the apartment. I enjoyed wine and cheese while watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle from my window. It wasn’t a bad way to kick off my trip.

paris perfect eiffel tower at night

I had been craving a good steak frîtes and was planning on going to Le Relais d’Entrecoôte until I saw the line wrap all the way around the restaurant at 10pm. I ended up with steak frîtes across the street at another favorite Chez André.

chez andre paris france

My apartment was a 20 minute walk away from the restaurant, so I walked back over the Seine onto the Left Bank.


I woke up early Saturday morning to the sound of rain. With the excuse of the weekend, rain, and jet lag. I finally took the opportunity to sleep in until 11 am.

paris perfect rentals everyday parisian

The rain finally stopped before noon. I walked back to Rue Cler for lunch before a long walk on the Seine.

rue cler everyday parisian

I took the afternoon to flâneur (wander without purpose) around the Left Bank. I ended up in Saint Germain de Près around Bon Marché and then to Café de Flore.

cafe de flore paris france

I spent the evening catching up with a friend over drinks at Le Fumoir. We had plans to enjoy an evening at The Louvre but the line was way too long. We skipped out and ended up at a wine bar nearby.

louvre paris everyday parisian

Dinner was at Big Love (Ober Mamma Group) just below one of my old Marais apartments. The truffle pasta was a hit but I felt the pizza order was a miss. It could have been the one we chose but if you are looking for pizza in The Marais, try Ivoine’s instead.


Sundays in Paris are my favorite. I stopped by The Bastille market for a quick stroll and then to the boulangerie at 28 Beaumarchais for a croissant. I took the croissant to Place des Vosges just a quick walk away to sit and people watch. The trees were still bare and it was pretty empty due to the cold weather but it is still one of my favorite places in Paris.

boulangerie 28 beaumarchais paris france

One downfall of being an early riser in Paris is that the good coffee shops don’t open until 10 am. I had to patiently wait until Boot opened for a coffee on Sunday. It was well worth the wait as always and I took the coffee to go. Boot is pretty small and there are only a few seats inside, taking it to go is usually the better option.

boot cafe paris france

This is my full list of favorite coffee spots for your next visit to Paris.

After coffee and a stroll, I headed back to the apartment on The Left Bank. I freshened up and headed off to an event at The Bristol.

bristol paris france hotel

It started to rain again and continued through the rest of the night. After my event, I stopped by Rue Cler for an easy dinner before ending my weekend in Paris.

*This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. merci!

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