Paris Diaries Day 6

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I woke up for my last morning in my Paris Perfect Apartment. My friend Katie was planning on coming over early to do a photoshoot with me in Place Dauphine. She is so talented and I am finally warming up in front of the camera. When we first started shooting together, I was so shy and awkward. I have always been behind the camera for years! Katie has a huge smile that is hard not to smile back at. The times she tells me not to smile, I usually start laughing.

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I had shown Katie the day before what I was thinking for the shoot. We were thinking a black dress to go with the boots but I wasn’t sure if I was going to find what we needed. I did end up buying a dress with the red coat very last minute.

I was all dressed and ready to go by 8 am when Katie arrived and she wasn’t a fan of the dress at all. Mixed with the boots, it wasn’t my best look. Then I showed her the red coat and it was an instant hit. I have gotten so many sweet compliments on the outfit that finally made the cut but I promise it was all a very last minute decision.

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After the shoot, I checked out of my Paris Perfect Apartment Rental and took my luggage to Katie’s office. I was staying at Hotel Paradis for the night and it was easier to move my luggage to her office so we could have lunch.

I had found a Greek restaurant on my walk the day before and I wanted to try it. I was so sad the Greek place on Rue de Bretagne had closed. I took Katie and her husband for lunch and we were not disappointed. The total bill was around 60 euros and we had plenty of food to go around.

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I added where I ate into this Google Map which you can save for your next trip to Paris.

I wanted to stay at Hotel Paradis because I found it to be a great Budget Hotel option. I really wanted to experience it for myself before I made a recommendation to my readers. I scored 5 nights for $600. I included this hotel in my Budget Hotel list where you can find other options.

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After I dropped my bags at the hotel, I went for a walk because the weather was so nice. It was the nicest I had seen this late in the year. The city was buzzing and I wanted to soak it all in for as much as I could

You may be noticing how many times I had moved hotels over the course of this trip. It was a lot and this is only half way through. I was really looking forward to spending the evening by myself with no work commitments.

I made my way to Palais Royal which is one of my favorite places in Paris. I walked down Rue Vivienne and found the cutest café that I never noticed before. I made a note to stop by on my walk back.

The sun was setting in Palais Royal but it was still packed with people sitting outside in the gardens. I had never seen it this was at night, so warm almost 80 degrees at the end of October.

palais royal paris france the paris diaries everyday parisian

palais royal paris france the paris diaries by everyday parisian

Happy Hour was just ending at The Vaudeville but I stopped for Spritz because it was that kind of weather. 6 euros you can’t really beat it. I am making a note to try this restaurant next time I am in Paris. It was pretty packed and the place is 100 years old, the inside had amazing character. I would love to go back in the Winter on a cold evening for French onion soup and a glass of wine.

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I had walked almost 14 miles this day and as you can expect, I was exhausted. There was an adorable pizza spot below my hotel that I wanted to try. I had a quick wait for a table inside. I was the only American in the place. The pizza was made in a wood fire oven just like Italy. There was more cheese than a typical Italian pizza but I actually like it that way.

the paris diaries everyday parisian

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