My Paris Agenda Fall 2019

Photo by IheartParisfr

Photo by IheartParisfr

A few years ago, I started a post called My Paris Agenda which shares a little into my Paris world if you don’t follow on social media. You can read my first one here.

This is my fourth time in Paris this year. It seems pretty crazy to think that I made it this many times this year. I am truly grateful for every time I visit Paris. To recap a few of my last visits to catch you up to speed.

March I stayed with Paris Perfect Rentals on the Left Bank. The weather hadn’t quite turned into Spring yet but there were a few blossoms here and there.

In April, I arrived just as Notre Dame was burning. It was a surreal experience because I had just been on a private inside Notre Dame the month before. I missed the blossoms by just a few days, but I did catch them in London.

June was short and sweet. I added two days to my family trip to the South of France. It was easy to jump on the train and spend Summer in my favorite city. It had been years since I spent any time in Paris during the Summer. My trip overlapped with the first heatwave to go through France. I still made the best of it. You can see what I packed and wore on my trip in this post.

This time I am back in November. This is the latest I have ever been to Paris in the calendar year. My usual Fall trip happens in September/October. A few years ago, I left early November and missed the Paris attacks by two days.

Dior Christmas in Paris

Dior Christmas in Paris

This trip, I really want to fill in some of the gaps of A Year in Paris. Christmas is a big part of this. The city will be transitioning into the holiday season during my trip. I am so excited to check out the tree at Galleries Lafayette and other holiday decorations around the city. The markets will start just after I leave and the lights on the streets don’t begin until early December. (another reason to come back later next year)

I am working on two exciting projects while I am in Paris on this trip. One, I will continue to build on in 2020. The other is pushing myself really outside my comfort zone. I am not sure what to expect but I am going to be open with the experience and see what happens.

A few fun activities I have planned:

Drinks at The Lutetia. The hotel reopened last year, but I haven’t been inside since the remodel. 

I am working on a few neighborhood guides. I have had requests from readers and I want to really build these out for 2020.

I am staying in the Marais. This area constantly changes and I can’t wait to explore the new openings in the neighborhood. The last time I had a long stay in the Marais was in 2017.

Place des Vosges is one of my favorite places in Paris and I will be just a quick walk from here.
There is a brand new hotel that just opened in Place des Vosges which I will be touring during my visit.

My friend Katie Donnelly and I will be trading photos this time. She will be shooting me and I will be photographing her. I can’t wait to catch up with her.

The weather forecast does call for rain. I won’t let it stop me. In 2018, I had an entire week of rain and the Seine flooded. Here are my tips on what to do in Paris when it Rains.

I plan on escaping inside the department stores of Galleries Lafayette and Bon Marché to see the Christmas decorations.

My Paris postcard tradition will continue. For the last few years, I have sent random readers postcards from Paris. This time around, I am doing it a little differently. I am sending thank you postcards to my best customers from The Print Shop as a surprise. I wouldn’t be in Paris if it wasn’t from the support from the sale of my photography.

Photo by Katie Donnelly

Photo by Katie Donnelly

I will be shooting Paris as usual. My full-time job is a photographer and I want to capture as much of the city as I can. This means lots of walking, getting lost, and exploring new streets and neighborhoods. To see what I carry out for a day in Paris you can see this post.

What I carry in a day out in Paris  photo by Katie Donnelly

What I carry in a day out in Paris photo by Katie Donnelly

I have been dreaming about some of my meals.

Miznon at least once. There is one in the Marais so that should be easy.

I will be spending an afternoon in Montmartre and I am excited to try Bouillon Pigalle.

Berthillon ice cream. I have to do it at least once. Chocolate Noir is my favorite flavor.

Score at least one hot baguette or warm croissant from one of my favorite boulangeries.

Pizza at one of the Big Mama restaurants.

I will see my friend Magali for dinner on Sunday. My vote is for Le Petit Cambodge. We ate here in March and I have wanted to go back again.

An evening with my Paris family. The last time I saw them was in Chicago this Summer.

The weather looks a little challenging, but hopefully, I can catch one good sunrise and one good sunset on the Seine.

It may seem a bit cliché, but a trip to Paris isn’t complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle at least once.

paris eiffel tower at night by rebecca plotnick

Am I missing anything? Is there anything you want to see in Paris through my eyes? I would love to know. Comment below.

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  1. As a solo traveler "d’un certain age" connecting with locals is part of the allure of Paris.
    I’d love to treat you (a small TY) to a cooking class with the lovely Bénédicte Mesny of The Parisian Kitchen. Check out her IG. Learning to shop à la française at Marché de Lévis and spending an afternoon cooking French familial cuisine in Bénédicte’s kitchen was the highlight of my recent trip to Paris with my granddaughter. As a devoted follower of Every Day Parisian, I know your readers would love to meet Bénédicte and see you cooking away in The Parisian Kitchen.

  2. My husband and I have been staying in a lovely apartment in the Marais for the past 3 weeks. We have visited Les Foodies 4 times for dinner and are going there for brunch on Sunday. This is NOT to be missed in the Marais. Check out their website. Chef Davide is very warm and creative and we can not say enough about him and his staff. Another favorite is Baffo’s, also in the Marais. Tonight will be our 3rd visit to this wonderful restaurant. It’s white truffle season and both restaurants will not disappoint! Eataly opened in April in the Marais- great charcuterie and a wonderful place to pick up wine, produce, meats etc. Just wanted to add to your list.
    Joanie Sparkman

    • Hi Joanie,

      Thank you so much for the great tips! I will check out your suggestions 🙂 Maybe I will run into you out and about in the Marais. I hope you are having a great trip.


  3. Sounds like a good plan. I’m going in December and wanting to try out the Lutetia as well. My dad and I walked past last year during construction Keeping some of these restaurant ideas as well. Looking forward to your trip posts.

  4. Your post was timely as I am visiting Paris again in four weeks, last visit ten months ago. I am visiting the Van Gogh digital exhibition and the Saint Laurent Musee. Looking forward to hear about the new hotel and any new places you find in the Marais which is my favourite arrondisement.

  5. Hi! Hope your trip is fantastic!
    This was a nice little perfume shop near Place des Vosages that we discovered in July. They give away their perfume samples in tiny bottles—which are lovely & easy to fit in a carry on. I liked the one called George.

    I’m surprised to see that they have an online store:

    15 rue des Tournelles 75004 Paris

    Have a safe & thrilling new adventure!
    ~Sara S.

  6. Hi Rebecca! The black and white photo of you at the beginning of this post is stunning! Very chic 🙂
    I enjoy everything you share, so eat your heart out and can’t wait for you to report back. Have a great trip!

  7. Hi Rebecca. I’m also leaving for Paris on Wed. and connecting through Chicago. Staying on the left bank. I haven’t been to Paris for years, so will be revisiting museums, etc. I’m very excited to see the Da Vinci expo at the Louvre and hoping it’s not too packed. I also wish I could pack for 10 days in a carry on, but I’m not there yet. Your blog has been helpful and fun. Thanks. Jacquelin.