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away suitcase carry on

SALE Alert! Away Luggage is having a sale! If you have been following this brand for a while you know that they rarely have sales. I have owned mine for a year now and I have never seen a sale even over the holidays. Their store close to my house used to be packed with customers (pre Covid). Now that travel has come to a halt, I assume sales have too. They launched a sale this morning on their site for up to 50% off. I had an email the day before in my inbox and a reminder to check it out.

I didn’t get an email today but I was online at 7 am and I had a look at prices. I immediately kept adding the same item to my cart while the website crashed. It took a while, but it was worth it. I ended up getting this Everywhere Bag to fit on top of my carry on for $100. Half of the original price. I had some credits so it knocked it down to $50.

the larger carry on away

I will say that I have owned and used the Bigger Carry On for every trip including Europe. I highly recommend the packing cubes. You can buy them from Away or Nordstrom. I have Nordstrom ones. These were a game changer and I have packed so much in this bag and I never check or worry about lost luggage and it fits in the overhead bin no problem.

My thoughts on color. I once made a huge mistake by buying a Lo and Sons bag on sale in a color I didn’t love and I hated it from day one. I lived with it for a while because I spent a lot of money on it even when it was on sale. This was when money was tight and I thought this bag was everything. So what I am saying is don’t go cheaper if there isn’t a color you are willing to travel with for the next 5-10 years. The color is great you can easily spot your bag. I totally get it. But you should also love your purchase forever. I bought both my Away pieces in the Navy. I am happy so far and that is as far as I could reach for color.

Another note, if this is something that is not in your budget. Please don’t feel pressure to buy. I know that I will need my bag for travel and it is saving me money for the future. My Cuyana bag that I LOVE does not have a strap to fit on top of my luggage and it falls over a ton. So for this reason, when I travel with my camera and laptop (pretty much every time) I need the bag that fits on top of my large carry-on.

*I don’t make money from this post but I do have a referral credit, as will you once you sign up. So I am offering $20 off with this code and I get $20 in credit in return. You have to spend over $145 for it to work.

I know a lot of people have been searching for my Away bag since I shared the sale on Instagram. I hope this helps. Happy Travels! xo

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  1. I love my Away Bigger Carryon but I ended up returning the Everywhere bag. I am looking forward to seeing what you pack in yours. For me it was too heavy for it’s size and what I wanted to fit in it just didn’t fit great. I feel like I probably end up having to pack too much but the Everywhere bag was definitely nice. Instead I am using the Lug Puddle Jumper on top of the Away suitcase my kids share (mainly ipads, nintendo switch, headphones, and snacks) and I use a Target Made By Design Duffel Bag for me. On mine I zip my toiletry bag and a small medicine/first aid pouch into the bottom of the Target bag and the top has a lot of space for my camera, laptop, snacks, sweater and small purse. It isn’t as nicely made as the Away bag but since it rides on top of the suitcase I feel like it doesn’t have to be as strong. I also have a Lo & Sons bag but it doesn’t ride on top of the suitcase as nicely as any of these other options. It’s kind of sloppy. I think I have purchased too many different bags in search of the perfect one. lol

  2. Bonjour, Rebecca,

    I caved and bought the Everywhere Bag earlier this summer. I’ve had my eye on the ‘Moor’ (olive-ish green) leather one ever since it was introduced. Please do a post and show us how you pack yours when we are able to travel again as we wish.

    Merci! Janet

    • Hi Janet,

      How do you like it so far? I promise to show you how I pack it as soon as I travel again. I love the pocket on the bottom for the umbrella and all the small pockets.

  3. Hi! Is the referral code excluded from this sale? I can’t get it to work even though my basket has over $145 in not final sale items. Thank you!