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It has been a busy week recovering from jet lag and jumping back into work. I have been nonstop since and still have a lot more work to catch up on. Plus, planning a wedding in the 4th quarter was a brilliant and crazy idea. New blog posts were published and The Francophile Gift Guide is up so there is some progress. I have yet to dive into editing photos from the trip and can’t wait to share some with you on November 1. 

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for links I love. 

Photo of me by Katie Donnelly

Seeing Europe by Train via Afar 

10 Reasons to Travel to Paris this Fall 

I have my eye on this emerald dress for the rehearsal dinner for our wedding. I feel I could wear it more than once and use it for an upcoming holiday party too. 

The Palace of Versailles devotes an exhibition to Louis XV another reason to visit Versailles on your next trip to Paris 

This is the Polène bag I was carrying in Paris in black. It is such a fun design and the quality is amazing. They have an NYC store as well as a Paris location. You can purchase directly online. 

Why you need a hot water bottle at home I just got one and I don’t know why I waited so long

A pleated skirt was one of my callouts for trends in Paris this one is on major sale. Also, this one is a mini and is 40% off. I love the red version for the holidays with a white button-down and boots or heels. 

Airlines Cash in as Flexible Work Changes Travel Patterns via NYT

Sezane Gift Guide ideas they have so many good ideas for men and women

Old Money Decor is The Timeless Look Taking Over Interiors 

FDA to Implement New Mammogram Regulations Around Women with Dense Breasts I may have shared something similar before but this is a friendly reminder to schedule your yearly mammogram. I have my first one scheduled for later this year and have dense breasts so this is helpful information and something I have discussed with other family members. 

More Favorite Links I Love

paris tuileries fall

The coat I own and love comes in navy. I originally bought it in camel and now wish I got the navy! 

This week’s best sellers. The Blondos have been snatched up by so many of you! 

If You Feel Like Your Fall Allergies Are Extra Bad This Year, It’s Not in Your Head

J.Crew now carries La Plume pajamas for a limited time. OMG. These are cute! I love these striped pajamas and these adorable sleep masks. 

Plannnig Travel Soon? These are the Airlines With the Most Delays This Year

Per the recommendation of my friend Rose (who is also a reader), I ordered, “The Sweetness of Forgetting” right now I have much free time to read so I will be packing a few books for my honeymoon in December. I think my fiancé will encourage me. Our last beach trip was in 2019 and I think I drove him nuts not having something I wanted to read. 

Cartier to Reopen Its Paris Home (this you have to see) via NYT

Prunier, the temple of French caviar is reinventing itself in Paris

Alfred, the new brasserie to know in Paris

Caudalie surprised me with a little care package with some amazing products. I purchased A LOT when I went to the spa in Bordeaux. They sent over the eye cream with the best applicator which I love along with the Premier Cru lotion which so many of you raved about. It’s made a difference already on my dry skin. 

Cool living rooms you will want to copy ASAP

I know I rave about my Blondos all the time and last week I saw they added a brown suede option. Not only are these boots comfortable, but they are also waterproof so perfect for walking around Paris. You can see them on me here. I ordered the brown in size 8.5 and definitely keeping them! 

The Best Restaurants in Paris Near Tourists Attractions 

The Francophile Gift Guide is here! I would love to see this not just be a holiday guide but a gift guide for birthdays, hostess gifts, and more all for your favorite Francophile. I will be adding and growing the list. 

Marissa Cox is back with her home tours of Parisians on Rue Rodier. I love the way she shot this and the details she shared. I hope she continues this series. 

I am currently crushing on this robe from Lake Pajamas. I have it in the purple color but the red is SO ME! 

The Rage Is Real — Here’s How the Transition to Menopause Affects Mental Health 

Does everything have to be served on a board now?

I worked with Minted this week and they extended a discount code REBECCAWED for 25% off stationery. This can include holiday cards. I love this one for Henri and me. 

How to Properly Store Coffee I found this so helpful. We use our Breville every morning and grind right before. 

I love this Barbour hat and scarf gift set. Adding to my wishlist. My fiancé and I are always digging for hats and scarves in the drawers for walks with Henri 

We have been watching, “The Watcher” on Netflix this past week, and not only is the house beautiful but Nora’s outfits are stunning and I want her whole closet. I found this site to help with direct links to certain clothing items. I also did confirm with Jenni Kayne there were some of their sweaters are featured. 

More Watcher information on the house via Architectural Digest. The house and the outfits were the stars. It was a good show to binge watch, especially around Halloween. 

Ina Garten shares her Thanksgiving tips and how to make the holiday less stressful Take notes! 

I love my Boll and Branch bed, they currently have 20% off happening. If you are looking to upgrade your bedding, the signature hemmed sheets are my favorite with the waffle blanket. I also have the duvet cover and insert. Use the code BESTGIFT

Chicago just got our first Vuori store. I love their joggers and have gifted my fiancé pants and shorts as well. It was incredible to see everything in person because now I want so many more items. This is a great spot for gift ideas for him. 

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  1. Hello again. I would just like to know if I can exchange my most recent purchase of a small Paris calendar. I was not aware that it came in the larger size. I see you are now back from Paris and if you could email me with what I need to do to proceed with this exchange… That would be helpful. Merci!

  2. I love the boots you are wearing at the beginning of this blog. More information please on brand, colors, and where to find.

    Curious to know what you do with all the beauty products you acquire. Mine seem to last a long time, and I have so many samples that never get used. Do you periodically toss or give away?

    Wishing you all the best with upcoming wedding and holidays ahead. You are taking on a lot! Really enjoy your bi-weekly blog, so thanks for all the useful information and bringing Paris to me every week.