Links I Love Week 4 Year 2024

links I love Week 4 year 2024

Links I Love Week 4 Year 2024

I felt very off this week and kept thinking it was the last week of the month. Perhaps the long, dreary days of January and the endless rain made it feel so long? My husband had to remind me there was one more week! I also had a tech hiccup midweek, which stole my Thursday. Thank goodness for Made to Thrive’s fantastic support; they jumped on a call and walked me through everything. 

This week was a lot of fun to read and share. Some of my favorite articles this week include the Teriyaki bowls we made for dinner, the white kitchen in the small space article that is going on my vision board, and Maxim’s is back in Paris. Can it regain its cool status?

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. 

A 656 square foot Parisian apartment exudes quiet elegance via Architectural Digest 

12 French Shoe Brands All The Parisian Girls Are Wearing 

We Were The Lucky Ones is coming to Hulu. Please take this as a nudge to read it. It’s on my shortlist. All the details about the show can be found here. 

Merit just released a flush balm color called ROUGE, the perfect flushed red color for your cheeks. 

A professor surprises her whole law class with a trip to Paris for the Olympics. It’s a quick video clip that may make you tear up. I love these feel-good stories. 

I ordered the Anthropologie dress from last week’s links. You can see it on me here. I loved it but don’t think it’s “the” dress for our event. The search continues. 

New blood test screens for Alzheimer’s may be a step closer via CNN

People are going wild for this Costco/Sam’s Club Mirror Dupe to Anthropologie’s mirror 

Monica Vinader has given readers a special code for 25% off. Treat yourself to something or send a hint to a loved one for Valentine’s Day. Use REBECCAVALENTINES25 at checkout. This applies to site wide. 

Links I Love Week 4 Year 2024

I made these teriyaki bowls this week with chicken and they were so good! We added cucumber and toasted cashews on top for crunch. Spring rolls from the freezer section at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods add a little extra to complete the meal.  

How to Visit Paris During The Olympics If You Want to Avoid the Games

The most stylish hotels on the planet via GQ, including one in Paris, where I recently stayed earlier this month. 

links I love week 4 Parisian rooftops in the winter

Thank you for all your encouraging words about the Sous Vide adventure. We purchased this one from Breville. I will report back! 

Can Maxim’s Paris Reclaim It’s Cool? Via NYT. If you can’t access. Read this article via Yahoo covering the opening. 

This week’s best sellers include a Chelsea Boot under $75 that is waterproof! 

This no-knead fougasse caught my eye to try. This is the French cousin of focaccia 

There is a boom in solo travel right now. You may be surprised on who is doing it the most right now. Would you try it?

Favorite Links Week 4

Do you have to tip for takeout? 

I am a sucker for stripes and off-the-shoulder shirts. This is a combination of the two.

Small kitchen ideas that maximize space. The white kitchen with high ceilings is so dreamy. I have it saved on my phone for when we redo our kitchen. 

Why more women are being diagnosed with ADHD. Something I struggle with daily. 

Why are Parisians nice now?

Restaurant Menu Trends Defining Dining via NYT Have you noticed any of these trends? The small print kills me. 

The New Look debuts on Apple TV on February 14th I read the book “The Designer” a few years back which I think it is based on. 

On the Blog:

I updated this blog post on my favorite boutique hotels in Paris 

What You Loved the Most in 2023

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