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It has been one crazy week! Pre-sale for calendars launched on Tuesday. 🥳 Thank you so much to each and every person that has placed a calendar order. I am so grateful for your support of my small business and the blog. In case you missed it, there are three calendars this year! A small Paris one just like last year, a larger Paris calendar that is 8x5x11″ and a small Italy calendar that was requested by so many of you after my holiday in Italy. The pre-sale price ends on Monday at midnight.

The same day of pre-sale, I decided to take on a big painting project at home. The painters were here all week and will return next week for one final day. The place is finally coming together. I am currently writing from my new desk in the new location with a window view. I feel like a modern Carrie Bradshaw.

I am just two weeks away from Paris. It feels so crazy to know that the dream of returning to France is so soon. I am prepping behind the scenes planning away and I have been trying to order new Fall clothes to pack. I will share more on that soon!

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for links I love.

Notre Dame Cathedral plans to reopen in 2024 More details here.

9 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Paris 

The Best French Fashion Brands to Shop Online

French Dining Etiquette at Home via La Cuisine Paris. Make sure to sign up for their newsletters for exclusive content and more French tips. 

16 of The Most Romantic Places to Stay in the World

How to Age Gracefully (NYT article may require subscription) 

Madewell is currently 20% off or 25% off for Madewell stars like me. I rounded up some of my favorite items including the military jacket I recently purchased and love and my transport tote. (which rarely goes on sale) 

There is a brand new French streaming platform for French culture and entertainment

A local’s guide to Paris

Supergoop is currently on sale. They only do this twice a year. It is 20% off using code SUPER20 I love this sunscreen and it is a clean brand. There were a lot of sunscreens recalls this Summer with harmful chemicals. My favorite is the glowscreen which is used daily as my last step in my skincare routine and the glowstick that is SPF 50 and perfect for throwing in your bag and applying on the go. 

What your dog is trying to tell you when he puts his paw on you. The sweetest answer.

5 Movies to Watch this Fall

The Musée d’Orsay will be renamed the Musée d’Orsay-Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. In honor of the late French president behind its founding. 

Retailers started rolling out holiday early and I am not mad about it one bit. Williams Sonoma can take ALL my money. I want so many things. Last holiday I was away from my family and I want this one to be extra special with every detail! It is no secret you can skip over all the pumpkin spice for peppermint everything from now until January 1st. Crate and Barrel holiday preview is one to see.

I watched the movie Worth over the weekend. I highly recommend it and bring the tissues.

How to make the perfect French omelet according to the experts

I added these adorable French macaron notecards to The Print Shop 

9 Online Therapy Options That Are Affordable & Accessible

Fall weather means I can break out my favorite lip twist in Burgandy

How to Spend it in Paris by Sisley’s Global Vice President (a Financial Times article) I had no trouble accessing this. Some articles are restricted. 

The New Laura Gonzalez-Designed Saint James Hotel Is a Parisian Oasis

Meet the Gallerist Who Is Determined to Diversify the Paris Art World

A new Bouillon Pigalle opens in République If you aren’t familiar with Boullion it is a traditional restaurant that has been brought back into trend and has expanded with a few more additions in Paris. You can get a very traditional French meal for a reasonable price. 

I just picked up my Sézane jacket at the dry cleaners to bring to Paris. This is my third season wearing this coat. It was a wise investment.

The 5 French Habits Everyone Should Adopt 

Maman shares their famous nutty chocolate chip cookie recipe 

The Arc de Triumph wrap is complete. The reviews are mixed. What are your thoughts?

Château Voltaire, the new hotel decorated by Festen in Paris

French sustainable fashion tips 

This baking mat is one of my most used kitchen items of 2021. It was a reader’s recommendation and now I want to buy them for everyone in my family.

Bringing Broadway Spectacle Back to Life (NYT)

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  1. Ty for the link to Madewell! I was able to purchase the Dispatch jacket at a great price!
    Blessings for a safe trip to Paris!
    Karon Johnson

    • My pleasure! The dispatch jacket is SO cute on and the price is amazing. I know you will be able to carry this over until next year and get tons of use out of it. xo