Links I Love : Week 19

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Sézane and Fresh team up for a Spring collaboration all about roses! 

David Lebovitz spends a weekend in Bordeaux and it makes me want to hop a train! I was in Bordeaux last September but I really would love to explore more. 

photo by Jennifer Claire Watkins

photo by Jennifer Claire Watkins

I have been getting a lot of questions about my trench coat. It is from JCrew and they only have a few left.  

Paris: Why The Latin Quarter is the Capital’s Coolest Neighborhood

A friend at dance class gave me this book, which is not Paris related. I have been feeling overwhelmed with work and needed a little break. I sat down and read it in one night! Every chapter I was getting thrown left and right. It was SO good. I don’t remember the last time I read a book in one night. 

There are days when I like to walk around Paris without my big DSLR and I don’t want to shoot on my iphone. This camera is a perfect solution and I am so excited to start using it next weekend. This was a big purchase for me but I think it will be well worth it and my back will thank me! 

Paris launches local currency called pêches (peach) it is to help encourage people to support local businesses in Paris. The motto is think global act, act local. 

Sézane favorites for Spring and Summer. These have me wishing for warmer weather and a trip to Italy. 

7 Places to Take Fitness Classes in Paris

Our first Reader Roundup for Self care Sunday is up with a roundup of face masks of all price points.

How to explore the Red Light District of Paris via Insidr.Paris

Breaking the Rules: The New French Wave in Cinema (video is about 15 minutes)

The French Girl’s Secret to Great Skin ( I just started doing more of this and it really does help) 

25 Unusual Things to do in Paris via Theater in Paris

The Paris Diaries Spring Day 5

Romantic Movies to watch in French on Netflix (I prefer the more current options) What about you?

After my third rainy weekend in row, I finally broke down and decided to wear my new rain jacket. I ordered the pink one and it made me happy as the weather has been so gloomy.

The French Rules about Wine you may not know about

The Little Trick that Will Double Your Productivity

This Millenial job interview video had me laughing out loud. Have you seen it?

Let The Sunshine In is playing at Music Box Theater in Chicago. In French with English subtitles 

The Next Chapter: The Decline of Readers and the bouquinistes in Paris

After 2 decades, Bistro Zinc is closing in Chicago. I loved this spot and didn’t visit enough.

This post includes affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research and now my French lessons! Merci! xo

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