How I Manage My Anxiety

how I manage my anxiety

I have been struggling with anxiety off and on over the years. It mostly would come up right before a trip to Paris. I cover my expenses for my Paris trips from hotels, flights, and meals and they aren’t cheap. As a Paris photographer, this is part of the job. I worry that the trip will go smoothly and I will be able to get the shots I need to cover the trip. I can take thousands of photos but one (or a few) will ultimately sell better than the rest. It has always worked out in the end but some trips are better than others. The weather is a big factor too.

I started calling my sister before flights, she knows just what to say to keep me calm. I will usually Facetime with her and the kids just as the plane is boarding. Once the door closes for the flight, the anxiety turns into butterflies and excitement.

My anxiety has gotten worse with the pandemic. It goes in waves. At the beginning during the lockdown, it was extremely high with so much uncertainty in the beginning. Now that we are in some sort of “new normal” and routine it feels somewhat more manageable. There are nights that are hard to sleep when my mind keeps racing. When I know that I am going to struggle with sleep or I wake up in the middle of the night, I have been taking CBD pills from Equilibria I love that they are a female-owned Chicago business (my friend Jess Keys introduced me).

how i manage my anxiety equilibria cbd

The great thing about Equilibria is that each person gets a personalized dosing specialist that will work with what meets your needs and body. I take one capsule before bed or if I wake up in the middle of the night. They have a bunch of other products including CBD oil drops, bath bombs, and creams.

If you are just starting out into CBD, I highly recommend going with the Brillance Box first. You can try a bunch of different products and see which works best for you. I really don’t like the taste of the oil but the mint is more manageable. (the main reason why I go for the gel capsules)!

brillance box equilibria

They have two great infused oils one is to energize you and the other calm you. The lavender one is one that I use before bed and when I have a headache.

equilibria cbd oils

You can use code everdayparisian at checkout to save 15% on your first order. I highly recommend signing up for a subscription box and you can always cancel later since there is an additional discount of 20%.

*I do make a small commission off of items purchased through my link. But please know, I am very cautious about this recommendation and I wouldn’t suggest anything I didn’t believe in. I have been taking this for almost a year off and on and I am just sharing this now.

I will also say, I do not take this every day. I know a lot of people that do and that is great and what they need for their body. I am very cautious about what I put into my body and I don’t want to rely on something each and every day. Vitamins and allergy pills are the only things I do on a daily basis 🙂 Below are other resources that you can do to reduce your anxiety without CBD.

It is also important to note, consult with your doctor, and make sure CBD is right for you. If you have underlining conditions or take medications this may not be the best treatment for you.


Yoga has helped me with my anxiety so much. I took a long break from it because I couldn’t find an instructor that I liked and getting across town in Chicago traffic was a headache just for an hour class. I have loved the Peloton app for a variety of classes. I did a restorative class last night for 20 minutes, showered and was ready for bed by 9pm.


Pre-pandemic, I was seeing an amazing acupuncturist that helped me with stress and anxiety. I haven’t seen her since the pandemic but I know others have mentioned they have seen their acupuncturist. Please make sure to take precautions if you are seeing someone in person. Both people should be wearing masks and in a well ventilated area.


There are great resources for telemedicine when it comes to therapy. If you are struggling with something, you can virtually see a therapist from the comfort of your own home. Therapy shouldn’t be looked at as a negative thing. We see a doctor to get our body checked, having a “check in” with a therapist should be on the same level to keep yourself healthy and happy.

I hope this post helped when it comes to me sharing my struggle with my own anxiety. If you have any additional resources or coping strategies feel free to share them below.

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  1. I have and currently suffer from anxiety, which some situations bring severe bouts of it, and didn’t know how to deal with it nor did I want to talk about it with my doctor. I started taking yoga and realized that it helped but then Covid hit, and my little studio closed and online is not the same. About a year ago, I started taking Hot Yoga, and let me tell you that it has been life-changing in all aspects, emotionally and physically. I recently moved and said that I would literally eat salad every day before giving up Yoga. That is my best advice find some kind of exercise that you enjoy and more important remove toxic things from your life.

  2. Hi Rebecca, love the Sunday Links

    I’m curious about the CBD oils etc. Do you travel with them? Is it legal to bring into France?
    Do you have to declare?

    I would like to try for anxiety and migraines but if I cannot travel with the CBD there is no point

    Much Appreciated


    • Hi Fidelma,

      Thank you so much. I have traveled with them. I honestly didn’t know of any restrictions on CBD oils in France.

      You can see some restrictions on this website (I did a quick google search)

      First, I would see if this particular CBD works for you. Everybody is very different. You can consult with your dosing specialist and ask them all of your questions.

      Personally, I suffer from migraines so with or without traveling, if I found something that relieved my pain I would take it. You have to do what you feel comfortable with and what best works for your body.

      I hope this helps,

    • Hi Anthony,

      I am missing Paris so much right now but I have to wait until it is safe for Americans to go back and the status of the virus. Walking around Paris with a mask and the chance I could end up in a foreign hospital is not something that is high on my list. As soon as it is safe to return I will be in Paris.

  3. Rebecca, you’re amazing thank you !!! Please be safe and stay healthy !!! Love your blogs always look forward to reading them truly enjoyed your a breath of fresh air .

    • Hi Jacquie,

      I am not sure about shipping to Canada. I would contact them directly and see if they can help 🙂

  4. Recently found your blog and love it! I’m another francophile in Chicago. Is there a local acupuncturist you recommend?

  5. I find that keeping my house clean and free of clutter really helps with my mindset. I’ve gone on an organizing binge since the pandemic and have really enjoyed streamlining various areas of the house. My most recent find is a cute set of magnetic hooks from Amazon. I hung quite a few kitchen utensils on the side of my fridge and it’s making me so happy to have them accessible and hanging in a neat little line. I used to do relaxation baths fairly frequently but can’t seem to muster the energy for them these days. A friend sent me aromatherapy shower bombs and they help with relaxing me at night, without having to take the time to prep, soak, and rinse out the bathtub.

    • Hi Kristin,

      That definitely helps me too. I have been on a clean/purge/organization mission since the pandemic started. It is simple things that make me so happy. I think it comes down to control. We can control the clutter/cleanliness and we can’t control other things around us. Keep me posted on other organization items you find. I should probably do a post about the kitchen and everything I have been doing 🙂

      I wish I had a bathtub for a good soak. That sounds heavenly.

  6. I suggest trying meditation (I love 1 giant mind app -free to get you started, I liked it more than headspace). Like you, I used to practice yoga (early in the morning and in the evening at candle light – hot yoga “corepower yoga”, even though they reopened, I am not comfortable yet going). I like lighting a candle in the evening and read to give a break to my mind, I escape into a good book and the smell of a candle can help your mind escape. Finally, I enjoy walking so as I have a car, I drive off to a Forest preserve and take walks (not many people out in nature, I feel safe (have my mask if I encounter someone).