Frenchify Your Home Office

French Inspired Office

As we all transition back to school or work, I thought this would be a fun opportunity to share some updated office ideas for your home office. I have always worked from home unless I am traveling so not much has changed for me. I do love getting a fresh notebook, set of post its, and pens every year when all the school supplies are out.

This is my original desk and office space. I am on the hunt for an updated desk with more drawer space. I will admit, that my desk does not look this clean and neat all the time. I do love a good antique so I am searching antique spots and Facebook Marketplace for an affordable and small desk to fit this area. I may end up moving my desk to a different part for more light. I struggle with working in the area because I don’t have enough natural light in this space for editing and working on the computer.

When it comes to updating a space, you don’t have to do it all at once. Enjoy the process, update a piece of art over your desk. Put a new frame with a family photo on your desk or update the lamp. Spend money gradually and make it a space you enjoy opening your laptop.

I hope you like my French-inspired finds below to get you in the mood to make some updates to your own office space at home.

Update: I have been looking for a desk and new space to work for the last 18 months and I had an impulse buy of this desk for a small nook by a window for better light. It should arrive next week… which fingers crossed will be perfect before the new couch arrives. I will be moving around a bit of furniture to make things work and eventually getting rid of my old desk and replacing it with a new old piece I bought last week.







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