Comfortable Work From Home Clothes

I recently polled my audience on Instagram and 86% of readers said they preferred to be comfortable when they work from home. That is unless they had a Zoom meeting or had to show their face on camera. I wanted to share some of my favorite comfortable clothes to work from home.

Lou and Grey were the most popular overall with readers. Last year, you introduced me the brand and I was instantly hooked. I bought my first pair during the deep freeze in Chicago and then followed up with another matching set. I am wearing one as I type this. They are so soft and I think get more soft by each wash.

If you do have to dress up, these sweaters from Everlane make a great solution. They are under $100 right now and come in a variety of colors. You can throw on a pair of leggings on the bottom and just film from the waist up. Don’t worry, I won’t tell 😉

cashmere everlane work from home

everlane sweater comfortable work from home

Splendid is offering 40% off everything including comfortable clothes.

Do you have a favorite work from home comfortable clothing brand? Do you dress up or are you all about comfort?

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  1. Comfort!!! I ordered two pairs of comfy pants (joggers) last weekend now that I’m working from home, one from Gap & one from Old Navy, since they both carry long/tall options (I’m 6’). I really want to order more, but definitely actually need more clothes… but I deserve them… but I should stop spending money… (the ongoing mental debate)