5 Reasons to Buy The Paris Guide

The Paris Guide is finally here! I’m thrilled to present this project as the culmination of over a decade of traveling to Paris, putting everything I’ve learned into one place to help you make your next trip the best possible. This guide contains personalized recommendations for incredible restaurants, the best places to shop, French phrases, city navigation tips, neighborhood guides, and more! I’ve included hidden gems and memorable destinations that will help you create the experience of a lifetime, no matter if you’re a first-time traveler or an experienced explorer. In this post, I answer questions on how to buy The Paris Guide and some frequently asked questions.

5 Reasons to Buy the Paris Guide

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The Paris Guide is a downloadable 70-page PDF available for your computer, iPhone, tablet, or iPad.

How to Buy The Paris Guide

5 Reasons to Buy The Paris Guide

  1. The Paris Guide is a one-stop shop for all things Paris. Leverage my 10+ years of travel experience to take the guesswork out of planning your next trip to the city of lights.
  2. Want the latest information on what’s new in Paris? After purchasing, you’ll have access to updates included in future guide iterations!
  3. This guide includes exclusive recommendations for my favorite restaurants and hotels. My hidden gems are now yours to discover.
  4. The Paris Guide saves you hours of research while you plan for your next trip. This is made for the first-time traveler wanting a detailed list of recommendations and the seasoned Francophile looking for new streets and neighborhoods off the beaten path. If you aren’t a planner but still want a list of recommendations, this is also for you. Pick and choose through the table of contents and tailor a trip that is perfect for you.
  5. Helpful phrases and vocabulary to know before you go and what to do in each season, with a detailed packing list, are all included.

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How to Buy The Paris Guide

The Paris Guide is available directly on my site for purchase. You can order it here.

How to Buy The Paris Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print the guide at home?

Of course! The Paris Guide is 70 pages, so just be aware you must have ink and paper handy. I understand wanting to plan on paper vs. a digital copy. Due to copyright, you won’t be able to print the file at your local Fedex or UPS store.

How do I download the guide?

As soon as you checkout through the site, you will see a screen where you can download the guide. You will also get an email that allows you to have access as well. Remember, the guide will be available for download three times in one week. This gives you time to download it. You are purchasing a copy of the guide for your personal use. It cannot be reshared with someone else. They will need to purchase their copy.

You have seven days to download the guide once you purchase it. Save it to your desktop, iPad, or iPhone, and you will have access to it. There are lots of links to give you more information on different topics covered in The Guide. I recommend you be connected to the internet when accessing and reading the guide. You will want to save google maps for when you are exploring Paris.

Will you update the guide?

I travel to Paris often and plan on updating the guide after each trip. I will send updates to the list that buys the guide with any new favorite spots that are not in the original copy.

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Merci, for Your Support

How to Buy The Paris Guide

With every purchase of The Paris Guide, you support a small business owner and allow Everyday Parisian to continue being a source of inspiration for all things Paris. I’m deeply grateful for this incredible community that has encouraged the creation of this guide, and I hope it helps you create memories that will be treasured for years to come.

There will always be free content available on Everyday Parisian for everyone.

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  1. Congrats!!!!!! I know how much hard work went into this. I know it’ll be a smashing success! Can’t wait for your print book next!