Ways to Spread Cheer

ways to spread cheer everyday parisian

I am missing my family like crazy right now and being apart is hard. We had a scheduled trip to Ohio to see my dad and the kids and my sister were meeting me. This weekend we will be meeting via FaceTime instead. It is important that everyone stays healthy and safe. My Dad is in Ohio, I am in Chicago, and my sister is in Florida with my Mom. For those of you who have family or friends that are spending time alone during the social distancing it can be especially hard. I was on my morning walk and thought that I could round up some ideas to spread cheer to those we can’t be with right now.

These are all inexpensive ideas that can be done from the comfort of your home.


FaceTime is essential right now. Having human connection is so important. I am calling my sister and the kids at least once a day. She sends me photos from their daily activities. Emma lost her front tooth this week. She has a very cute gummy smile and the tooth fairy still made a visit.

Send a Puzzle

7 ways to spread cheer everyday parisian

I have been working on a puzzle since the beginning of this week and it is a great distraction. You can pick up one on Amazon and send it to a loved one

Send a Plant

If you are in Chicago, Flowers for Dreams is offering plant delivery which is a great option as they will last longer than flowers.

Send a Meal

In Chicago, restaurants are still open with delivery options only. Send a meal to someone so they don’t have to use up their food reserves. You will have to check options in your local city. Amazon Fresh offers groceries in a lot of places.

Send a Video

Make a silly video and send it to someone so they know you are thinking of them. They can watch it over and over again. If you have small kids, even if they don’t look at the camera you can still create some fun action videos for grandparents to watch.

Send Cookies/Snacks

Cheryl’s Cookies is still open for business and sending a variety of cookie options including Gluten Free

Chicago is famous for their popcorn from Garretts They are available for shipping.

Send a Card

Paper Source has some really cute boxed stationary sets. Send loved ones a hand written note from you.

Evite is offering their Premium Digital Cards for Free

Send a Book

Obvious State makes fabulous gifts for book lovers. Prices start at $12 and you are supporting a small business.


Notebooks by Obvious State. I use a notebook every day to write down ideas and thoughts.

ways to spread cheer obvious state notebooks

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  1. Love these! Thank you…I’m finding your posts a lovely little shot of sunshine. Here in Wisconsin (ironically, on the 1st day of Spring! 😆) it’s been cold and pouring rain all day. I’m missing my daily walk…but tomorrow’s another day. I mucked out my laundry room (a project I’ve been putting off) and have been snuggling with the adorable little dogs we are watching for our friends. I’m making sure I shower and dress every day…(I feel like staying in sweats all day would be a depressing disaster!) and I follow a loose plan of action so I’m not spending all my time stress-reading news articles and constantly checking social media. I have a pile of new cookbooks, fiction books, and old non-fiction favorites. I had planned on making David Lebovitz’s Chicken Marsala and a lemon ricotta cake tonight for first day of spring dinner, but we decided to chuck those plans and pick up Papa Murphy’s pizza instead. Wine will be involved.
    Feeling bit chatty…I’m not used to spending so much time by myself. Wishing everyone a cozy night and good health and spirits!

    • Hi Jeannine,

      Thank you for sharing your routine. It is so important to get dressed and shower out of comfy clothes although it is tempting. Let me know how your chicken and cake goes tonight. What wine will you be having? Are you home alone? I need to figure out a way to get us all connected on Zoom possibly. We could have a virtual wine date?! Let me look into it.

  2. The Chicago Flower Show at Navy Pier has been cancelled. They will be selling all of the plants and flowers at a garden center in Lincoln Square. You can obtain tickets at Eventbrite!!!!!

    • Hi Mary,

      I am so sorry to hear the event was canceled but a great way to spread cheer with the plants and flowers. Thank you for sharing this!