5 Calendars for Back to School

paris calendar rifle paper co

For the last few years, I sold a Paris calendar and planner with a publisher. It was sold all over from Target to Barnes and Noble. Sadly, last year was my last year and I know a lot of people are messaging me about it. I still use a paper planner and notebooks on the regular so I wanted to roundup some of my favorites for other options. I love giving calendars as gifts if I have a friend that has an upcoming life event such as a wedding or baby. It is a great way to document the next year on paper. 

If you are looking for a Paris calendar, this one would be my top choice. I just discovered it from Paper Source. You can cut down the months after you are finished and frame the prints. 

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2019 paper planner anthropologie

This one is clean and simple. If you have a black purse like me, it will be easy to find in your bag. There are pockets to hold important documents and lots of places to write notes. This is an easy choice for me. 

For paper notebooks, I love the Paris in Color one from Nichole Robertson. If you haven’t seen the book, it is a must for your Paris collection. 

This isn’t a calendar but a great way to get organized for Back to School or Back to Work. I love this daily to do list. It keeps me so organized. I really like putting everything I need to do on my list the night before a busy day so I can plan how I am going to tackle everything. I got a bunch of questions on where to buy this through Instagram so here is the link. 

the daily schedule planner via anthroplogie

I am a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co. I always look forward to their calendars every year. This one has an around the world theme with Paris as one of the months. They make a desk version as well. I have a few of their prints on my gallery wall and I am always up to ordering more. 

world travel 2019 calendar rifle paper co

travel rifle paper co

I am a huge fan of the larger paper calendar for my desk. I use this for planning blog posts. It is a great way to see the month on a larger scale. I mention this in my blogging post in case you want to read more here. I purchase this one every year and the price is great! 

paper calendar via paper source

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

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